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Real Poltergeist Caught On Camera. Poltergeist Activity In My House.

Do it again (Ghostly knocking) (Crash from behind) (Ghostly knocking) Hello? (Ghostly knocking) Hello? (Ghostly knocking) Hello? (Loud crash) (Ghostly knocking) Who’s here? (Ghostly knocking) Who’s there? (Ghostly knocking) Hello? Hello? (Ghostly knock) (Ghostly knock) (Ghostly knock) Hello? (Unexplained crashing noise) (Fearful heavy breathing)>>DEMONIC VOICE: Get out (Loud, frightening crash) (Ghostly knocking) (Heavy breathing) (Ghostly…

By William Hollis December 11, 2019 100


“THE GHOST CHILD” Let’s try to go there k2 Francis.. You are here? I have chest pains. My chest hurts! You too, Andre? True? Yes, the cassatoracica! – Here! – Yes! you are here? How cold! – True! here is the church! How cold … – Yes yes – Strange Francesco are you here? Wait…

By William Hollis November 29, 2019 48