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He’s just trying to help

Thank you for freeing me from this house I’ve been trapped here too long Your house is nice don’t worry i won’t harm you i’ve been trapped for so long it hurts. help me. it hurts help me it hurts tim broke the barrier by accident it hurts burns cold help me. cold cold stealing…

By William Hollis February 25, 2020 0

5 Real Ghost Stories | Part 3

Feeling of a ghost inside a room can give a scare to any human. From seeing a dead family member on the stairs to feeling someone’s presence over you while sleeping can give anyone chills. Before we begin, hit that subscribe button and also press the bell icon to be a part of our notification…

By William Hollis February 22, 2020 3

Are Ghost Real

Are ghosts real? Ghosts can run the gamut from friendly ghosts, like Casper, to seriously sinister ghouls that want to haunt your dreams. But they’re just figments of your imagination, right? Ghosts aren’t real, are they? Ghosts have been around for a long, long time. From the Bible to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, you’ll find ghosts mentioned…

By William Hollis February 4, 2020 0