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Top 5 Scary Cryptid Stories That Are Real

A Cryptid – as defined by the Oxford dictionary – is an animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated. By definition, cryptids – and the subsequent study of cryptozoology – are the pursuit of the intangible, the unverified – and the unknown. Derived from the Greek krypto – meaning to hide – contemporary…

By William Hollis August 11, 2019 100

10 Paranormal Experiments the Government Kept Secret

(ominous music) – In the deepest darkest regions of the research facilities governments have been known to perform experiments with both weaponry and technology. But sometimes those experiments extend to other worldly things. Things that are chilling. Things that are paranormal. (creepy sounds) Here are 10 paranormal experiments that governments kept secret. Number 10 is…

By William Hollis August 10, 2019 100