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The Case For Vampire Bats

Bats have a scary reputation even though most of them are actually harmless But there is one species that causes big problems: The common vampire bat. In Latin America, vampire bats are destroying lives and livelihoods They prey on pigs on calves on children and sometimes, sick bats carry rabies It’s a horrifying disease –…

By William Hollis October 9, 2019 100

OUT DEMON!! | Ben the Exorcist

Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome to Ben the Exorcist I’m assuming that I’m Ben and I see something popping out from behind the couch there. If you look riiiigghtt- Oh hi! Hello do I need to exorcise you? Difficult: Story lover, watch your back, may god help you I’m just gonna do…

By William Hollis October 8, 2019 100