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Be an expert

SPEAKER 1: This allows you to create volume and drama near the front of the head. It’s really all about working with the shape of the head to guarantee styling consistency. I really, really like– SPEAKER 2: Nest Hub– SPEAKER 1: –this particular cut. SPEAKER 2: –by Google Nest. SPEAKER 1: [INAUDIBLE] really, really want…

By William Hollis September 5, 2019 0

Paranormal Lockdown Season 3 Coming Soon!

[Music] hey everyone I’m really excited to announce that paranormal lockdown is back for season 3 I can’t wait to share all of our gritty intense investigations that we’ve been going through and crazy evidence that we’ve collected it’s coming really soon so stay tuned it’s like walking in a room with a madman everything…

By William Hollis August 7, 2019 74