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Vampire Bat Attacks!! Scary Kids Stories for Halloween 2019 | Gorgeous Movies

(knocking and squealing) (knocking) (squealing) – Ew, what are you? (squealing) (breathing heavily) (squealing) (upbeat music) (squealing) Hello little fella. There’s no need to be scared. (growling) (purring) (growling) (squealing) Please be my friend. I’ve always wanted a pet. (purring) – What on earth is that? – It’s my pet bat, he just came from…

By William Hollis November 1, 2019 0

Top 10 Scary Paranormal Movies

The top 10 scary paranormal movies are not based on the opinions of Horror Squad. They are in fact the opinions of 55 different youtube users. This list is only based on Ghost related movies For example lets take a look at a couple of the voters Byosproduction and MidnightVioletMonroe. Byosproduction had the movie Sinister…

By William Hollis September 5, 2019 87

10 Creepy Real-Life Cases of Possession

– The idea of the paranormal or even demons has become something that we have associated with fiction because of movies. However, we often forget about the history of the paranormal, and when it comes to possessions, that many of the stories are actually based in real life. The following documented cases of possession are…

By William Hollis September 3, 2019 100