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Vsauce, Kevin here. On November 15th, 1912, an innocent family moved into a large, rambling house with narrow windows seemingly incapable of welcoming the sun’s rays. Soon after, the sound of a door slamming shut by itself and footsteps inside the walls terrified the parents. The children heard voices— someone, or something, called out from…

By William Hollis October 17, 2019 100

Paranormal Encounters A Haunted House

(eerie sounds) (eerie sounds) (ominous music) (ominous music) (ominous music) (ominous music) (ominous music) – [Jessica] As we were doing a lot of construction on the house, there was a lot of workers that would say that they heard things. – [Tyler] But we were in the foyer at the end, at the very bottom…

By William Hollis October 16, 2019 20