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13 Videos You Shouldn’t Watch Home Alone

Have you ever been sitting in your house and suddenly felt like you were not alone? Well, many others have had this feeling only to discover they were right. 13. Tamara Speece gets a phone notification that someone is at her door. Her doorbell cam automatically turns on and catches this suspicion person snooping around.…

By William Hollis September 10, 2019 0

MAYHEM & MONSTERS | “The Legend Of The School Spirit” ft. Cam Johnson | Sponsored

(suspenseful music) (gasping) (crying) – Hey, everyone, I’m Cam Johnson. And if you didn’t already know, I’m an amateur paranormal detective. And I’m here to share with you my latest case, the Legend of the School Spirit. (scary music) Helbrook High School, the home of the Admirals. Helbrook is not exactly known for producing particularly…

By William Hollis September 10, 2019 100

Beware The Horror Ghost

Oh Jesus! My God! (Screams) Oh Jesus! No, stop pushing them over like that They’re going to fall on the floor. Maybe we could find some glue or something to stick them to the ceiling with Good idea I thought I saw some glue in the next room. Oh no- he’s found us! We will…

By William Hollis September 9, 2019 3