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Top 5 Magicians Who Used Demons

We’ve covered demons, all demons, every demon — but today we’re venturing into new territory. This time demons who have aided Magicians during magic tricks. Throughout history many people have question whether Magicians had deep rooted ties to Demons — that there was no logical way that the tricks they present to us could ever…

By William Hollis August 8, 2019 100

👻 Learn English Words – PARANORMAL – Meaning, Vocabulary Lesson with Pictures and Examples

Paranormal supernatural events that cannot be explained by science His love for ghosts led the new author to writing a mystery novel with a paranormal twist. As a paranormal researcher, the scientist tried to justify paranormal events that were previously unexplainable. Paranormal happenings led investigators to a field with a mysterious symbol cut into the…

By William Hollis August 8, 2019 2