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5 Most Convincing Alien Abduction Stories

Have extra-terrestrials visited our planet? These terrifying real-life abduction stories seem to suggest that not only have they visited, they’ve been here for a while. Watching us, experimenting on us, and even cross-breeding with humans. One eerie night in 1976 in rural Maine four friends who had met at art school went on a camping…

By William Hollis August 17, 2019 9


Ludovic: Le paranormal existe-t-il ? C’est une question qu’on se pose tous et on aimerait savoir, être fixés sur le sujet. Évidemment il y a ceux qui sont persuadés de son existence et ceux qui n’y croient pas du tout. Hugo: Dans notre société, la seule chose qui ferait foi et qui arriverait à convaincre…

By William Hollis August 16, 2019 100

5 PARANORMAL Powers Investigated by Science

STREET LIGHT INTERFERENCE Have you ever noticed outside streetlights involuntarily and spontaneously flickering out as you approach them? Paranormal researcher Hilary Evans believes the experience is more than just chance and marks an unidentified human ability. Evans named the phenomenon “street light interference” (SLI) and has documented cases “SLIders” with the mysterious force… …claiming to…

By William Hollis August 11, 2019 0