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Bepanah Pyaar – 22nd November 2019 – बेपनाह प्यार – Full Episode

We have prepared all these themes for the interiors of your hotel. First one is contemporary. A combination of light colours. Simple, but with unique shades. And second one is purely Indian. Bright vibrant colours. Carpets, parapets, wall hangings.. Everything will be traditional. – Interesting. I think we should use both the themes. Everything Indian…

By William Hollis November 27, 2019 49

“The Science of Paranormal” (Part One)

“The Science of Paranormal” (Part One) Most paranormal investigators’, have had some form of past experience with the paranormal. Research suggests that about eighty percent have a story to tell or at least knows someone who has a story. Seventy eight percent of paranormal researchers’ today, went to a website in order to find out…

By William Hollis September 3, 2019 0