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I’m a paranormal mess

(birds chirping) – Do you hear that? (birds chirping) The birds have a lot to say and I don’t have much to say at all. Oh my God okay so listen what I was planning to do. I’m sitting here, I was gonna film a video on this alien abduction, this is a really bad…

By William Hollis March 10, 2020 25

Spirit Talking – Webisode 4 – Membertou First Nation, NS

NARRATOR (SHAWN): Welcome to spirit talking.I’m Aboriginal medium Shawn Leonard.and today I’m visiting Membertou First Nation,a thriving community in Unama’ki districtof Mi’kmaq territory.Membertou has a strong sense of heritage and traditionthat I look forward to connecting withas we sit down to discuss spirit.SHAWN: He didn’t pass on New Year’s Eve?Like I’m seeing fireworks and things…

By William Hollis March 7, 2020 1