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Ghosts of Grand Valley

Hello Everyone! Today we are going to be exploring One of the most haunted locations At Grand Valley State University The footage we take is not altered in any way These are the real- Can you hold the camera up like a normal person? (I’m short ok!) OHMYGOD I’M SHORT We’re gonna go ahead and…

By William Hollis December 6, 2019 0

Byleth – Demon of Incest (1972)

You are wonderful. Charming. But what will your wife say? She has no independent opinion. She just knows abstinence. What a pity. Your poor wife. A life of abstinence as a virtue. Didn’t she never experience the amusement of immorality? Damned. We are so pitiful. We spend so much money for satisfaction. It’s time to…

By William Hollis December 3, 2019 8