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Is MoMA haunted? | GHOST STORIES

What we’re speaking about is not something that’s actually tangible. My personal experience with it was when I first arrived at MoMA years ago. It’s been more than two handfuls of years. When I first arrived, I had heard of the stories of the MoMA ghost if you will. MoMA being as old as it…

By William Hollis September 15, 2019 9

Paranormal | Garry’s Mod

C7: Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en C7: Welcome to Garry’s Mod C7: This map called, “Paranormal”. It’s a ghost map C7: Say hello to Kenny Kenny: Hello everyone, what’s up? C7: One more thing before we start this map C7: Kenny, do me a favor. Look behind you C7: Did you see it? Kenny:…

By William Hollis September 14, 2019 1