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The Yokai, Japanese Legend | The Grim Reader

Japan, in its wide cultural background, holds an immense mythology that many outside that country don’t know. An amount of creatures, gods and innumerable minor deities are described in Shintoism, and many believe that, inside the Nippon archipelago, there is a vast quantity of haunted places where they manifest, sometimes showing their most lenient side,…

By William Hollis January 19, 2020 11

Spirit Week Shenanigans- Audiobook

Diary of a 6th grade ninja. Spirit Week Shenanigans. By Marcus Emerson. If you’re thinking about recruiting a dinosaur as your sidekick, I’d recommend something other than a T-rex. I mean, yeah, they’re totes one of the scariest dinosaurs that ever existed, but what science dudes don’t tell you is just how vain T-rexes really…

By William Hollis January 13, 2020 1