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Yes, I give warning; this is warning – a red card to the evil spirits right now. Come out! I say, “Out!” You, evil spirit – leave my people! Leave my people! She is possessed with spirit of flirting and this spirit has been in the family. It will be cast out. She is like…

By William Hollis January 19, 2020 100

Could Chopin See Ghosts?

This is: Chopin and his Ghosts. 19th century composer Frederic Chopin always had a peculiar fascination with the morbid. His diary entries contain numerous references to corpses, ghosts, and “cohorts of phantoms”. The diaries of his lover, George Sand, also refer to Chopin’s visual hallucinations; including a visit to a monastery that was: “full of…

By William Hollis January 8, 2020 14

Armenian Haunting (2018 Movie Trailer – Paranormal)

(ominous music) – Grandma, tell me about your tattoos. Today is April 24th, 2015. The hundredth anniversary of the Armenian genocide. (growling and snarling) (frightened breathing) (horrified screaming) Something terrible happened today. (Tatik speaking Armenian) – Tatik? What curse? (ragged breathing) (slicing and stabbing sounds) I have to stop this. (low growling) (frightened breathing and…

By William Hollis January 5, 2020 4