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Nautical Mysteries of Canada’s Great Lakes

Nautical Mysteries of Canada’s Great Lakes For centuries, North America’s five Great Lakes have served as the setting for a host of legends, folktales, and nautical mysteries. The local Ojibwa First Nations, for example, tell stories of fabulous monsters which inhabit the depths, shores, and skies of these inland seas, from the Mishipeshu, a huge…

By William Hollis March 10, 2020 0

What Makes a Paranormal Mind – Part 1

For those of you who sleep cozy in your beds, the midnight sounds of the house are mundane and comforting, the everyday occurrences in your home are unspectacular and without meaning. But to those in the thrall of a haunting, the midnight noises and the everyday household occurrences are deliberate attempts by an invisible force,…

By William Hollis March 7, 2020 1

Digging Deep at Astley Green Colliery Museum – Part 1 | GD Flying Solo| S02 E01 | Free Documentary

– Hello, and welcome. Tonight we’re in a Lancashire town of Astley Green to investigate the alleged hauntings of Astley Green Colliery Museum. This is Ghost Dimension flying solo. – [Narrator] Coming up on Ghost Dimension. (sharp gasp) – No, thank you. – Hello? (distant clang) Woah. – That as something down there. Let’s see…

By William Hollis March 6, 2020 0