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NINGEN: video evidence

The story of the Ningen was born when a team of Japanese scientists traveled to [antarctica] to research whales The expedition encountered a massive unknown aquatic creature in the Icy waters The creature was as white as snow Other than its colossal size They claimed its body structure was almost humanoid in form thus the…

By William Hollis September 2, 2019 100

Echovox session; with Ouija board my room 11/27/14

Echovox iPhone session, my room. “help us,” “Nicole Gaspard…” “I did…” “Eva?” “object,” “facebook?” “?” “I predict…” “yes?” “we like that?” “yes,” “Peter?” “yes,” “there’s a few?” “just as me?” “ask often?” “get out,” “8?” “black…” “black tourmaline,” “does not?” there was no one in the bathroom at the time “angels,” “Texas?” “George?” “echo…” “I…

By William Hollis September 2, 2019 0