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Danganronpa Ghost-Despair – Maxime

Alright… let’s get this over with… Firstly, nobody say anything about my look. Secondly, there are too many morons here. Thirdly, I hope that the selection and the killing game will sort everything out. And lastly, the probabilities that I respect you are as weak as you. I’m MUCH better than Paulo.

By William Hollis March 12, 2020 8


Are you an angry person? I’m mad! What’s wrong with me? Anger was something that just came… (snap) like THAT for me. It was a natural response. Hey, at least you know you’re alive, right? Anger ALMOST feels good. It’s better than feeling nothing at all! Lose your mind. Write down your scary thoughts. WE’RE…

By William Hollis March 11, 2020 27

I’m a paranormal mess

(birds chirping) – Do you hear that? (birds chirping) The birds have a lot to say and I don’t have much to say at all. Oh my God okay so listen what I was planning to do. I’m sitting here, I was gonna film a video on this alien abduction, this is a really bad…

By William Hollis March 10, 2020 25

Nautical Mysteries of Canada’s Great Lakes

Nautical Mysteries of Canada’s Great Lakes For centuries, North America’s five Great Lakes have served as the setting for a host of legends, folktales, and nautical mysteries. The local Ojibwa First Nations, for example, tell stories of fabulous monsters which inhabit the depths, shores, and skies of these inland seas, from the Mishipeshu, a huge…

By William Hollis March 10, 2020 0