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PRP (or Vampire) Facial

[Aesthetics Nurse] Now we are going to apply the PRP or the plasma that is rich in their own platelets and we are going to micro-needle it into the skin. Is this okay? [Patient] Yep, I don’t feel it. [Nurse] You don’t feel it? [Patient] Not going in no. [Nurse] You doing okay? [Patient] Yep.…

By William Hollis December 14, 2019 0

BINGO!…with Ghosts: Bump In The Bingo Hall | S04 E01 | Free Documentary Paranormal

(jolly music) (eerie howl) (creepy baby laughing) – We enter this world knowing only life, yet death awaits us all. Using some of the most up-to-date scientific equipment, we endeavour together evidence that there is life after death. (ghostly murmuring) These are our investigations into the mysterious world of the paranormal. Whatever you have seen,…

By William Hollis December 12, 2019 1