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Hey what’s up you guys it’s Travis. Now before I begin this video I just want to tell you guys right up front that this is not a joke. This is not a prank. Every detail of the story that I’m about to tell you guys is 100% true. I really don’t have an explanation…

By William Hollis August 18, 2019 100

5 Best Places to See An Alien UFO

Russia’s M Triangle is one of the most mysterious places on earth. Also known as the Perm anomalous zone, this remote region near the Ural mountains generates a steady stream of reports of the unexplained. Each year, thousands of UFO hunters, hundreds of psychics and scores of scientists come to the Urals to observe the…

By William Hollis August 18, 2019 49

Mysteries of Spring-Heeled Jack: British Legends & Folklores| Mysterious Matters |Paranormal Podcast

Welcome to the Coast to Coast AM Alternative broadcasting from Nashville Tennessee this is Mysterious Matters. For those who dare to think. Ladies and gentlemen joining us this evening is John Matthews and John will be discussing the mystery of spring-heeled jack from Victorian legend to steampunk hero and today we will be exploring the…

By William Hollis August 18, 2019 12