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Hunting Ghosts with Ghosts N’at

I think an interest in the paranormal is something that probably everybody has because, like it or not, someday everybody’s gonna die. And I think the biggest question of life other than, “Why are we here?” is, “What’s next?” People have seen things They’ve gotten touched you know, you get that cold feeling on the…

By William Hollis November 7, 2019 0

How Demons Enter Our Lives

Many people in our culture today, especially in the Western world, they hear the word demon and it seems like an archaic word to them. It seems like it’s just superstitious, that the demons aren’t really real. People believe that back in the day when the Bible was written, they called those things demons but…

By William Hollis November 7, 2019 100


It’s quite possible that your spirit guides are having you watch this video right now! hi everyone this is Diana Palm from dianapalm.com and today I am here to do a really special interview with spirit artist Loni Palm she’s also my daughter she’s a well known medium and she’s known all over the world…

By William Hollis November 7, 2019 9