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The Surprising Chemistry of Mummies, Ghosts, and Vampires – Spooking of Chemistry

Trick-or-treat time’s nearly here, so we at Speaking of Chemistry have been studying up on some ghoulish characters. Stick around to learn the chemistry of three creepy classics: mummies, ghosts, and vampires. Hey chemistry lovers! Judy here. First, let’s talk mummies. You might think they’re all carefully crafted by ancient Egyptians, but some bodies mummify…

By William Hollis December 14, 2019 1

Real Haunts | Official Trailer

Ghosts and paranormal activity are experienced across the globe on a daily basis. But one area in the world is haunted by unique kinds of spirits. Spirits unearthed by explosive history, cultural warfare, human tragedy and a sweltering climate that seems to manifest the Real Haunts. Join three unique paranormal teams on the ultimate ghostly…

By William Hollis December 14, 2019 0

Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries invites us into her home in LA | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris

Bonjour Vogue, welcome to LA. I’m getting ready for the Louis Vuitton event tonight. Come in! Welcome, this is my home. “Let’s get started” My favorite thing about living in Los Angeles is the weather. It’s a stereotypical thing to say, but it’s a stereotype for a reason because the weather is beautiful and sunny. Fashion in LA feels…

By William Hollis December 14, 2019 0