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Top 10 Facts – Illuminati

[Intro] Beggining in the late 17th century there was a cultural movement of intellectuals who’ now referred to as the age of enlightenment their purpose was to reform society using reason to challenge ideas grounded in tradition and faith and to advance knowledge through the scientific meathod it promoted scientific thought, scepticism and intellectual interchange…

By William Hollis August 9, 2019 100

Les Bermudes

Go! Yahoo! Let’s go! By the beginning of this year 2017, my sweat heart and I had plan to travel in Gaspésie. But we finally change our mind and decide to go in Bermuda. Yea I know this is really not the same kind of destination, especially winter. What to say about Bermuda… Bermuda island…

By William Hollis August 9, 2019 17