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日本最恐幽霊病院part2 #EMAX

Ghost sensor I’m reacting so much now Do you understand? let’s go Oh oh! Ghost Hospital Part II (Go down from 4F) WowWow locker room Is there something here? No, it ’s amazing. It ’s really packed It’s like this It ’s still in the back The cafeteria Artisan cafeteria There is a karaoke microphone,…

By William Hollis December 4, 2019 27


Yeah, I’ve kissed a girl before [she] just goes to a different school. SHUT UP!!! What a nice day. Oh hey there miss, would you like one of my hot pretzels? Sure why not? Got a nice big one for you here. And that’ll be three kisses. You got it! (kiss x3) Thank you. Have…

By William Hollis December 4, 2019 100

The Shamanic Vampire

Hello friends how are you? I’m Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about the Shamanic Vampire This is October, and the supernatural cycle of this season isn’t complete without vampirism This was in fact a question posed by one of my patrons, ms. Nicole Vernon Thank you very much and I swear you…

By William Hollis December 2, 2019 62