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Dacre Stoker & Grave of The Vampire

Creature Features Interview With The Vampire Godzilla vs Destroyah Dark Shadows Children Of The Corn Carrie Haunted Mansion Hellraiser Boy In The Dark Phantasm Interview With The Vampire The Ghost & Mr. Chicken Sleepy Hollow Alien The Addams Family Creature Features The Evil Within Madhouse Jacob’s Ladder Trilogy Of Terror Munster Go Home Sleepy Hollow…

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PROYECTO ATLANTIS Pelicula completa 2019 – ciencia ficcion en español / full hd sci fi movie

1965 – Research Center , Atlantis1 “…no..” Where am I? “…no..” “Doctor Espinosa, come to the operating room number 24….. immediately!!” “Atlantis project” “… fifty years later ..” “Really ……. come on !!” “I can not anymore” “come on …. come on, go” “no, no please” “no….,no” “What … were you lost?” “I have to…

By William Hollis January 11, 2020 100

Armenian Haunting (2018 Movie Trailer – Paranormal)

(ominous music) – Grandma, tell me about your tattoos. Today is April 24th, 2015. The hundredth anniversary of the Armenian genocide. (growling and snarling) (frightened breathing) (horrified screaming) Something terrible happened today. (Tatik speaking Armenian) – Tatik? What curse? (ragged breathing) (slicing and stabbing sounds) I have to stop this. (low growling) (frightened breathing and…

By William Hollis January 5, 2020 4