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Top 10 Scary Titanic Premonitions

The Titanic was deemed an unsinkable ship and left for its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912. It left from Southampton and picked up more passengers at ports in France and Ireland before heading across the Atlantic ocean. The crew of the titanic alone was 900 people, and with the addition of passengers the total…

By William Hollis January 26, 2020 99

5 TRUE Ghost Stories

whats up everyone, this is the shadow in your closet, here is 5 true ghost encounters to help you sleep tonight! Enjoy! Number 5 When I was a young boy, say around 5-6 years of age (this would of been going back to about mid 80’s) I lived in a three storied house. Just to…

By William Hollis January 24, 2020 0

Top 10 Scary Annabelle Sightings

Hello most Amazing fam, let’s chat about some scary movies. Today, Annabelle. Yes sirree Annabelle is a creepy doll. So creepy she got her own movie, own series even. And it’s based off a true story. So today I’m your host Abbey and I’m going to tell you those stories as well as some other…

By William Hollis January 11, 2020 100