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Top 5 Kids Who Were Possessed By Demons

With next months release of the new american horror flick, The Prodigy — about a young boy possessed by a supernatural entity — we thought what better time to gift you with a list of demonic kids than right now on Top 5 Scary Videos. Hey guys, welcome back, I’m your host Lucy McPhee and…

By William Hollis November 10, 2019 0

Top 5 Scariest Vampires In Literature

Vampires–are back in business, and truth be told–despite many forms of questionable fiction trying it’s damnedest to take away the eternal swagger and glamour that comes with being an immortal blood-sucking demi-god–vampires have never *not* been cool. Yeah, because thankfully–despite, for the most part, their pale, ashen image being driven through the mud for a…

By William Hollis October 25, 2019 32

SCP: Ghost Town

SCANNING . . . DRIVE ACCEPTED : >>NO MALWARE DETECTED O5 RESTRICTED ACCESS ENTER PASSWORD: PASSWORD ACCEPTED EXTERNAL DRIVE: >LETTER.MP3 >OPERATION GHOST TOWN.MP4 [microphone turning on] [Lawson:] “My apologies for the discrete nature of this message. This was hardly something I could discuss with you in person or over the phone.” “It’s come to my…

By William Hollis October 19, 2019 100