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Top 5 Scary Monsters From Epic Fantasy

I think epic fantasy was my first introduction to the scary ghouls and beasts that populate the underworld. In fact, epic fantasy monster slaying is a tradition that goes way back beyond the modern series of novels we so enjoy today. Pre-Sanderson, pre-Brooks, pre-Tolkien, we had poets like Homer sending heroes on fantastical quests in…

By William Hollis March 4, 2020 39

Top 5 Scary Haunted Waters Of The World

A lot of us enjoy swimming, especially a late night swim in clam waters at dusk as the moon illuminates the tranquil waters. However, some waters hold dark secrets, abandoned ships, and ghosts that lurk beneath the dark depths, waiting for unsuspecting swimmers to approach. So today on Top 5 Scary Videos, I’m going to…

By William Hollis March 3, 2020 0

Freaky 5 – Ghosts Caught on Camera

[SCREAMING] [MUSIC] Are ghosts real? It is hard to tell, as our senses can occasionally deceive us. Though, getting physical evidence of what is going on can bring much more closure, as video cameras preserve personal experiences and events that depict what would otherwise be perceived as the unbelievable. The Lincoln County Courthouse in North…

By William Hollis February 29, 2020 9