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The Spirit Of Sprint – Usain Bolt

That’s just desire.. To know what you want To understand why you are doing it To dedicate every breath in your body to achieve.. If you feel you have something to give If you feel that you’re particular talent Is worth developing Is worth caring for Then there’s nothing you can’t achieve! Great moments.. Are…

By William Hollis November 12, 2019 47

Lemon Demon – Spirit Phone ALBUM REVIEW

[Cal Chuchesta jammin’] [Anthony is not pleased] Hey everyone, SPAMtony SCAMtano here, the Internet’s busiest music nerd. And it’s time for review of the new Lemon Demon record, “Spirit Phone”. Lemon Demon is the occasionally comedic, rock-and-pop project of producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, mr. Neil Cicerega. The man is a jack of all trades, when…

By William Hollis October 11, 2019 0