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Penn Jillette’s Bullshit Detector

You know, my bullshit detector works first of all…if there’s something you really want to believe, that’s what you should question the most. I don’t question bad news very much. I don’t question things that go against what I believe very much. But boy, the stuff that I really want to believe, I really question…

By William Hollis August 17, 2019 100

The Scary Untold Truth Of Paranormal Activity

The super low budget found footage blockbuster Paranormal Activity used its rickety style as a badge of honor, positively terrifying audiences around the world with the simple question: What’s happening in my house while I’m asleep? Let’s find the answer…within the untold truth of Paranormal Activity. Squeaky Floor Director Oren Peli came up with the…

By William Hollis August 7, 2019 100