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Spirit Science 3 ~ Channeling

there are two primary ways of communicating with beings of higher consciousness one is through astral projection where you leave your physical body and communicate to them in person as much as I’d love to break into astral travel right now we have to save that for later the other method involves having a beam…

By William Hollis September 13, 2019 100

FRIENDLY GHOST and Slick Slime Sam

(singing) Sam? Aaaaaa! Sue, are you CRAZY?? Oh, ah… What? Ooh, I need to lay down. Oh Sammy! A panic attack! I’m dying! Sammy, come on! Come on?? Who told me to watch the Ghostbusters?!! Well, me… AND WHY DIDN’T YOU MENTION THE SCARY GHOSTS? Did you think they’d show the ghostbusters but not the…

By William Hollis September 8, 2019 100