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What Makes a Paranormal Mind – Part 1

For those of you who sleep cozy in your beds, the midnight sounds of the house are mundane and comforting, the everyday occurrences in your home are unspectacular and without meaning. But to those in the thrall of a haunting, the midnight noises and the everyday household occurrences are deliberate attempts by an invisible force,…

By William Hollis March 7, 2020 1

13 YouTubers Who Became Possessed

All of the YouTubers on this list claim to have been directly possessed or witnessed a possession and recorded it. 13. A YouTuber named Spider Re doesn’t really believe in Bloody Mary and decides to take the mirror challenge at 3AM. He spins around three times while saying her name. Immediately afterwards he gets a…

By William Hollis February 20, 2020 100