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So Scary Ghost Adventures Will NEVER Return: The Terrifying Haunting Of The Washoe Club

Today, we are investigating the mysterious paranormal events of the haunted Washoe Club, one of the locations that Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures said, “fears the most.” According to Zak Bagans, this place scares him. It’s also the location where Ghost Adventures got their start, and captured the most compelling paranormal evidence to date. We’re…

By William Hollis November 2, 2019 100

The Spirits of Moon River Brewing

– This building has had many different hats throughout history. – [Shane] Alright, well let’s try ’em on. – I’d say this, the exterior looks quite nice. – [Shane] Yeah, it does, they’ve really done quite well for themselves. – [Ryan] Let’s see why this place has the reputation it does. (spooky instrumental music) This…

By William Hollis October 22, 2019 100

10 Ghost Sightings Caught on LIVE TV

The following videos have been recorded live, making them much harder – if not impossible – to edit. Half of these people are just doing normal shows that have nothing to do with the spirit world until suddenly a ghost shows up, seemingly out of nowhere. 10. “Haunted Radio”: There’s not a lot of information…

By William Hollis October 17, 2019 100