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10 Scariest Coincidences Caught on Video

Coincidences happen around us all of the time, but usually we just don’t have enough information to take notice. Here are ten instances where the impossible has become reality. 10. A news reporter is doing a basic story about heavy traffic patterns in GwinnetCounty, Georgia when she stops and interviews a random person passing by.…

By William Hollis August 9, 2019 100

The Horrors of Pennhurst Asylum

(ghostly trilling) – [Ryan] What is that? Does it sound like it’s coming from in the house? – [Shane] Sounds like a laugh. (ghostly trilling) – [Ryan] Hello? (ghostly trilling) What the fuck is that? – [Shane] That’s an owl. – [Ryan] Huh. (groans) Mayflower Hall. – [Shane] It’s a nice name, nice placard. –…

By William Hollis August 9, 2019 0