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The Surprising Chemistry of Mummies, Ghosts, and Vampires – Spooking of Chemistry

Trick-or-treat time’s nearly here, so we at Speaking of Chemistry have been studying up on some ghoulish characters. Stick around to learn the chemistry of three creepy classics: mummies, ghosts, and vampires. Hey chemistry lovers! Judy here. First, let’s talk mummies. You might think they’re all carefully crafted by ancient Egyptians, but some bodies mummify…

By William Hollis December 14, 2019 1

Vampire In Slavic Mythology

“Vampire is a dead body which comes to life, and rises from the grave and wonders around smothering people and drinking their blood.” This is sentence from book by Veselin Čajkanović, a religious history scholar who states that vampir was in some parts of Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro called lampir, which is similar to leptir…

By William Hollis November 20, 2019 3