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Vampire from Mexico/ TRUE STORY

in eighteenth-century mysterious men moved to Belén in Mexico. he was the richest landowner but villagers were scared of him because he dressed only in black and went out at night alone. the villagers were alarmed after finding dead animals but few days later dead bodies were found bitten in the neck without a drop…

By William Hollis March 3, 2020 2

Dracula: The First Modern Vampire | Monstrum

Stories of blood-sucking monsters are universal and have been around for centuries. There’s the Greek lamiae, the Chinese jiangshi, the African asanbosam, and the Australian yah-mah-ya-who to name a few. But let’s focus on the one who has outlived them all, whose monstrous legend lives among us even today—Count Dracula. The stories of blood-sucking monsters…

By William Hollis March 1, 2020 0