The Rise of Demon Exorcism in Mexico

La plus grande tromperie de Satan est de faire croire aux gens qu’il n’existe pas. Il y a des cultes dans tous les pays. En Haïti, c’est le vaudou. À Cuba, ils ont la santeria. Aux États-Unis, le satanisme est très fort. Au Mexique, il y a de tout. [LES DÉMONS MEXICAINS] Je suis né…

By William Hollis September 16, 2019 0

Inside Colombia’s Temple of Lucifer

-We’re about to start my initiation ritual, into the “Luciferian” religion. -I saw him, an angel, he was enormous, with seven wings. I’m organizing an army of Lucifer’s children. What would be the ultimate goal of this army? To confront them. -Who, you wonder? -The grand whore. -The grand whore, you mean Catholic church? We…

By William Hollis September 10, 2019 30

The Real Vampires of ‘True Blood’?

the concept of vampires are supposed to all depends on what you believe they are if you believe they were a physical person that comes back from the dead and a reanimated corpse like the Hollywood way or if you think they’re more of an astral energy of devouring has grown to the point and…

By William Hollis September 7, 2019 0