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Wartime Paranormal Sightings that Shocked Soldiers

They say war proves mankind doesn’t need to invent monsters, as the monsters were inside us all along. Yet sometimes soldiers report sightings of what can only be described as actual monsters, or in other cases, otherworldly beings. Are these battlefield stresses, or are men whose lives literally depend on remaining alert and aware, seeing…

By William Hollis August 9, 2019 0

10 Hidden Ghosts Caught On Camera

Paranormal investigators have spent decades researching each of the photographs we are about to show you. These are authentic untampered photos that world famous debunkers have failed to debunk. With that being said, here’s our list, of 10 Paranormal Entities hidden in pictures Number Ten: Stairway to heaven The Civil war is still considered one…

By William Hollis August 9, 2019 4