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The Untold Truth Of Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters was an unscripted paranormal investigation series on Syfy that saw its cast, well, hunt ghosts. But how did this whole thing get started? Has the team actually discovered evidence of the paranormal, or has it all been one big con?​ Jason Hawes, former co-lead investigator for Ghost Hunters, founded a paranormal support group…

By William Hollis January 14, 2020 60

Spirit Week Shenanigans- Audiobook

Diary of a 6th grade ninja. Spirit Week Shenanigans. By Marcus Emerson. If you’re thinking about recruiting a dinosaur as your sidekick, I’d recommend something other than a T-rex. I mean, yeah, they’re totes one of the scariest dinosaurs that ever existed, but what science dudes don’t tell you is just how vain T-rexes really…

By William Hollis January 13, 2020 1