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The Spirit Of Sprint – Usain Bolt

That’s just desire.. To know what you want To understand why you are doing it To dedicate every breath in your body to achieve.. If you feel you have something to give If you feel that you’re particular talent Is worth developing Is worth caring for Then there’s nothing you can’t achieve! Great moments.. Are…

By William Hollis November 12, 2019 47

The Role of Hadith Literature in Islam

A second source of authority is what’s called the hadith or the hadith literature, and hadith literature are simply written traditions that record what Mohammed said, did, or approved of, and these are categorized by subject. Okay, so for example, maybe Mohammed one day in Saudi Arabia was, was walking around and somebody comes up…

By William Hollis November 10, 2019 0

“Future Funk” [XXL DEMON] by JonathanGD! [GD 2.11] | GuitarHeroStyles

NO! *comedy music* NO! Fuck my fucking mother! Shit! Come on, dude! Come on, dammit, come on man. Come on man, fuck my fucking existence! What are you saying, dude? Come on, man. What are you telling me, what are you saying to me? Dude Again, seriously? Prepare for the drop. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Shit! Hey! 35,…

By William Hollis November 1, 2019 100