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The Spirit of Volunteering

I was really surprised positively with the volunteers. In Greece, we don’t have all this spirit of volunteers so much. In every meeting here, I was listening to this word: “volunteers.. volunteers..” we are not doing it for money, or the organization behind with non-profit and all that stuff. So I started to realize how…

By William Hollis November 8, 2019 0

👻 Learn English Words – PARANORMAL – Meaning, Vocabulary Lesson with Pictures and Examples

Paranormal supernatural events that cannot be explained by science His love for ghosts led the new author to writing a mystery novel with a paranormal twist. As a paranormal researcher, the scientist tried to justify paranormal events that were previously unexplainable. Paranormal happenings led investigators to a field with a mysterious symbol cut into the…

By William Hollis August 8, 2019 2