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Skyforge PS4 – Demonic Dawn Release Trailer

Everything comes from darkness, and into darkness it shall return. I am the darkness! Aelion will fall, like the thousands of worlds, that have fallen before it. I repeat… We’ve got a bogey in the sky! I’ve got civilians here! Requesting immediate reinforcements! Acknowledged. They’re transforming terrain all over Aelion! Immortals! Commence teleportation to the…

By William Hollis November 13, 2019 37

The Story of The Demon Hunters [Lore]

Hello everyone! The upcoming expansion Legion will introduce a brand new hero class into the game, namely demon hunters which hopefully will be quite handy to have around when we’re going to fighting against the legion. A lot of you came up to me with questions like what’s the history of the demon hunters, how…

By William Hollis November 8, 2019 100