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Ghost hospital

Yes, everyone Thank you Today, the place I’m wearing now Japan Yup This is the ghost hospital that is said to be the most scary. Good evening, everyone. Oh! Yes thanks for the first time Hi Hello Yes, good evening, Hello Kitty. Yes, good evening, welcome. I will go around. Do you see anything behind…

By William Hollis November 21, 2019 34

The Spirit of Amarok: The Highlights

The Spirit of Amarok is 7 countries getting together to compete against each other in 4x4s, in competitions. It’s one of a kind in the world. Yesterday we met the foreign teams joining us here at Goerapan, in the Kalahari, and we’re now up to seven teams: Team Botswana, Deutchland, Australia, Namibia, Russia, the UK.…

By William Hollis November 21, 2019 1

R.S. Spirit Challenge – Episode #2

Welcome to the R.S. Spirit Challenge, a racetrack requiring agility, reflection and above all a lot of self-control. Three teams made up of Renault Sport drivers and Vitality athletes will have to coordinate as best they can, to surpass themselves on such a challenging track However, the task will not be that simple. Remember, one…

By William Hollis November 21, 2019 17