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(Anthony) Hey, let’s bring our kids to a rated R movie so they can cry and scream the whole time. (Ian) SHUT UP! (TV) I wish I could quit you. Dude, this movie is so unrealistic. No super manly cowboys would ever have a secret relationship together. Dude, how many times do I have to…

By William Hollis August 10, 2019 100

Paranormal Activity at Haunted Schools!

(suspenseful music) – Oh! Welcome to Friday Night Ghost Frights. I’m author and Ghostorian, Mike Ricksecker, explore with us. Tonight we’re going to be talking about haunted schools and the paranormal activity that we have caught within these haunted schools. Of course many people have asked along the way, why would a school be haunted?…

By William Hollis August 10, 2019 16