The Dover Demon (After Dark)

January 20, 2020 0 By William Hollis

Do you believe that there are animals out
there that are yet to be classified by science? Every year people report strange encounters
with unknown creatures. Many of these reports are debunked as simple misidentifications
or hoaxes, but some cases, especially those involving multiple witnesses, are more intriguing. In the late 1970s, a slew of sightings of
a mysterious humanoid caused an uproar in the small town of Dover, Massachusetts. Several
teenagers came forward with a strange tale of an encounter with an unidentified being
unlike anything that exists on Earth. The strange creature struck fear into everyone
who witnessed it, but what exactly was The Dover Demon? On the night of April 21st, 1977, just outside
the town of Dover, Massachusetts, 17 year old Billy Bartlett and two friends were
driving down a dark road when he spotted a small figure moving near a stone wall. As
the car’s headlights illuminated the figure, Billy noticed that the creature staring back
at him didn’t resemble any animal he had ever seen before. He described it as having a baby’s
body, with long arms and legs as well as a large head. It had two large orange eyes but
no other discernible facial features. Bartlett returned home and made a drawing
of the creature that he showed to his father. They decided not to go public with the story
of his encounter, fearing that he would be ridiculed. 15 year old John Baxter was walking home from
his girlfriend’s house when he noticed the silhouette of a small person slowly walking
toward him as he neared the intersection of Miller Hill Rd. and Farm St. When the dark shape was about 15 feet away
from Baxter, it stopped in its tracks and they stared at each other. Baxter called out to the creature. “Who is that? Who goes there?” Baxter stepped forward and the creature fled
into the forest. He followed it until he became too tired to continue. Just as he was about
to head back, he looked up and across a small brook he noticed the creature staring back
at him as it leaned against a tree. He could now see its large eyes glowing faintly in
the darkness. Baxter ran back out if the forest in a panic. When he got home, he sketched the creature.
His sketch closely resembled Bartlett’s drawing but unlike Bartlett, Baxter showed his drawing
to authorities. 18 year old Will Taintor and his girlfriend,
15 year old Abby Brabham were driving down Springdale Ave. when they noticed a small
creature near a bridge. At first they thought it was an ape, until they noticed it had glowing
green eyes. They described it as being hairless with a large head. Brabham’s sketch and description of the creature
was remarkably similar to the drawings made by the other witnesses, except for the eye
color. Billy Bartlett eventually came forward with
his story and the encounter drew national attention. Many people derided the story as
a hoax, while others believed that the teenagers really saw something unusual. Because of the
creature’s resemblance to the popular depiction of grey aliens, many UFO investigators have
claimed that it could have been an extraterrestrial. It’s worth noting that there were no reports
of lights in the sky during the three days the creature was encountered. A common theory is that what the witnesses
really saw was a moose calf whose eyes were illuminated by the car’s headlights. Moose
calves have a similar anatomy to what the witnesses described, however moose didn’t
exist in Massachusetts at the time. In 2006, William Bartlett gave an interview
to The Boston Globe in which he claimed that the sighting was never a hoax, that he really
did see something unexplainable that night. Other people have come forward in the years
after the initial sightings claiming to have had encounters with the Dover Demon, but whether
the creature really was something out of this world or just a local urban legend will remain
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