The Nun Ending & TWIST EXPLAINED + Conjuring Universe Connections

August 14, 2019 0 By William Hollis

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the making of The Nun. The big reveal at the end of The Nun is that
Frenchie’s real name is Maurice, and that he’s the French-Canadian farmer whose exorcism
the Warrens discussed during their lecture in the first Conjuring movie. “Take Maurice here. A French-Canadian farmer with no more than
a third-grade education.. ..yet, after he was possessed, spoke some
of the best Latin I’d ever heard. Sometimes backwards. A dark spirit made its home in this man.” “And like that.. upside down cross started
to appear from within his body.” At the end of The Nun, we see the origins
of that cross inside Maurice’s body via the upside-down cross that’s revealed on the back
of Frenchie’s neck. We also see that during the final fight with
Valak, the demon Nun vomited a snake into Frenchie’s mouth. The demon Valak has a number of names, one
of which is “the Marquis of Snakes” meaning he has the power to summon and command snakes,
which suggests that the snake Valak put into Frenchie means the demon possessed him or
can control him. In fact, the movie’s director Corin Hardy
has described Frenchie as the film’s “secret weapon” and it’s interesting that in The Nun,
Frenchie works as a delivery man to the abbey which is a neat bit of foreshadowing for how
many years later Maurice delivers that horrifying vision of Valak to Lorraine. “I had a vision in Amityville. It was the same one I had seven years ago. I had a premonition of your death.” In a similar way to how the Church closed
the gateway to Hell at the time of the Duke, at the end of the film, the portal in the
convent is closed when the blood of Christ spills into the pool of water on top of the
opening. Sister Irene appears to have defeated Valak
when she spits holy blood all over the demon which seems to send him back to Hell via the
gateway in the convent’s floor, but it looks like she was a little too late as right at
the end it appears that Maurice is now the vessel for Valak to escape. That ending was foreshadowed near the start
of the film when Frenchie told Sister Irene that the locals always spit when the castle
is mentioned in order “to ward off evil”. And although Frenchie said it was “an old
and silly superstition”, he spat on the ground himself before entering the castle for the
first time. James Wan has already said he has a potential
story in mind for a Nun sequel which would come back to Lorraine’s story in the two Conjuring
movies so far. Which means a Nun sequel could explore how
Valak returns via Maurice and could also illuminate just why the demon is so interested in the
Warrens. OK, so we need to talk in some more detail
about Sister Irene and how the movie teases a number of connections between her and Lorraine
Warren. First, there’s the interesting coincidence
that Taissa Farmiga, who plays Irene, is the real-life sister of Vera Farmiga who plays
Lorraine. Taissa is around 21 years younger than Vera
and with The Nun set in 1952, about 19 years before The Conjuring and 25 years before its
sequel, it seems possible there could be some kind of family connection between Irene and
Lorraine that might be revealed in the next Nun or Conjuring movie. And although during set visits for The Nun,
cast and crew said there’s no connection, they could just be trying to keep things under
wraps or give themselves time to figure out exactly how that’ll work in a sequel. Character-wise, Irene’s visions and premonitions
are similar to Lorraine’s psychic abilities and could point to their being related by
blood or otherwise connected. Then there’s a very interesting parallel in
how the demonic nun reveals itself to both Irene and Lorraine. Valak manifests itself to Irene via a mirror
during one of Irene’s visions in a similar way to how we see Lorraine’s vision of the
demon in a mirror during her Amityville séance. The Nun movie also echoes the scene from The
Conjuring 2 where the demon nun’s shadow crawls along a wall before physically appearing in
the painting of the Nun where it attacks Lorraine. In this movie, the nun’s shadow crawls along
the chapel wall before appearing in the mirror behind Irene. On top of that, during Maurice’s exorcism
which we see at the end of The Nun, the way he grabs and looks at Lorraine makes me wonder
if he senses a connection between her and Irene who he knew from Romania or, perhaps
in his terror, he mistook Lorraine for Irene, or maybe it’s actually Valak who feels the
connection between the two women. There’s also an Annabelle: Creation easter
egg in The Nun when we get to see again the photograph of Sister Charlotte with three
nuns and Valak that she showed to Mr Mullins in the Annabelle prequel movie. “That’s sister Maria. That’s sister Anna. And that’s sister Lucia.” “Who’s this?” “I… don’t know. I don’t think I even met her.” I was wondering if we might actually meet
Sisters Maria, Anna and Lucia, but the fact they were never mentioned in the Nun movie
makes me think they probably perished at the hands of Valak before Sister Irene arrived. Like in The Conjuring 2, The Nun also packs
a number of hidden Valak words into the background of the movie. The first one I noticed is that Valak’s name
is hidden in the window frame of Sister Victoria’s room. You can also see “Valak” in part of the periodic
table on the classroom wall, and it also appears as “VA01 LAK” on the luggage truck’s license
plate; in addition to that, it’s hidden among the trees of the forest. Right, now it’s time to talk about that big
twist that occurs when Irene is keeping vigil in the chapel. She sees nuns walk in to the chapel to pray
with her to keep Valak at bay but later they’re all tossed aside by the demonic force. As Sister Irene continues to pray in an attempt
to hold back the evil power, Valak slices a “V” into her exposed shoulders. The carving continues turning the “V” into
a pentagram, marking Irene and foreshadowing how Valak will later trick her and lead her
into a pentagram, finally possessing her before Frenchie places holy blood on her face to
cast out the demon and bring her back. Visually this is an impressive scene; however,
what happens next turns our understanding of the movie upside down when Sister Irene
realises that none of the nuns were ever really there with her. And at that point, it seems like all of Irene’s
interactions with the nuns have just been visions or spirits. This revelation links back to the opening
scene of the movie where Sister Victoria committed suicide. It seems like Victoria knew she was the last
surviving nun at the convent which is why she knew she had to sacrifice herself so that
Valak couldn’t take her soul and use her as “a vessel to escape.” And peppered through the movie are clues hinting
that the convent is empty of any living nuns. For example, the Abbess – who is dead herself
– won’t let anyone into the convent when they arrive and only Irene is allowed in the
next day. Also, initially when Irene finds Sister Oana
dead in the chapel it looks like she’s only just died, however after Irene’s vision disappears,
Oana’s body is still there but it’s very dark and seems to be decomposing suggesting Oana’s
actually been dead for some time. Which indicates that Irene’s conversations
with Oana were not with a living nun but rather they were visions or appearances of Oana’s
spirit. It’s possible many of these visions have been
a trick by Valak to weaken Irene psychologically and prepare her to be possessed when she unknowingly
walks into the pentagram. Basically, Valak has been taking her through
the three stages of demonic activity: infestation, oppression, and finally possession. A narrative thread left open at the end of
the movie is Father Burke’s wounded eye which he suffered when the ghost of Daniel attacked
Burke with his serpent tongue which latched itself on to the Father’s eye. Daniel was the boy who died when Burke tried
to exorcise him. Although Burke eventually gets away, I wonder
whether he was infected in any way similar to what happened to Frenchie. Overall, the plot of The Nun seems more complicated
and ambiguous than it needs to be and although I’ve laid out my understanding of the twist
based on my initial viewing, I can see there’s room for different interpretations. I’d love to hear your theories and thoughts
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