The Spirit of Promise –  Dr. Jeff Hubing

The Spirit of Promise – Dr. Jeff Hubing

January 19, 2020 0 By William Hollis

Galatians chapter 3 if you have a Bible
or if you use an electronic text you might want to see if you can find that
and I’m gonna share some verses today that deal with the Holy Spirit and I’m
going to be talking about the Holy Spirit today as the spirit of promise
the spirit of promise now it’s very important that we understand the Holy
Spirit is not some add-on to the Christian life he’s the very center of
what it means to be a Christian to be a follower of Jesus he is the center of
that experiential relationship with Jesus Christ okay
it’s not oh you know we believe in Jesus Christ and then oh by the way there’s
some people who get experiences with God’s Spirit no God is triune okay
here’s our seminary teaching for the day he is father and he is son and he is
Holy Spirit that means that the Holy Spirit is as much God as Jesus and as
the father and the fact that we receive the Holy Spirit into our hearts into our
beings is the most significant statement about human identity that we can make in
this in this era of life now I hope to defend that statement today by showing
you some passages of Scripture but before we dig into Galatians 3 maybe
just let’s have a word of Prayer would you pray with me Lord we love you so
much we’re grateful that we can be with you God we sang all these songs this
morning even about your blood the fact that we can be forgiven we can be
totally cleansed we can we can have our sins and our transgressions washed away
because you willingly lay down your life for us your love was like that it was
that you would lay down your life so that we
could be rescued we could be delivered not just from sin but from death and the
grave and from hell and the devil anything that sets itself up against you
and your purpose we can be saved we can be liberated because of your blood and
because my father of you because of your precious spirit that you now deposit
within us because you promised to do it and we expect those promises to be
fulfilled in the gospel and through Jesus Lord open our hearts today open
our eyes we want to understand we want to see we want to recognize what you’re
doing how you’re doing it so that we can cooperate with your plan we can do our
part we can be a part of this amazing mission that you’ve invited us into god
bless your people today bless our brothers and sisters worshiping in
Arabic across the way bless our brothers and sisters across our city across this
nation across the globe god be be manifest in the midst of your people
today now we need you so desperately and so we ask you again breathe on us today
fill us with the very spirit about whom we’re speaking for your glory in Jesus
name Amen amen Galatians three Galatians is a powerful
letter from the Apostle Paul to a group of churches who are struggling all right
these churches are in what would be for us modern-day Turkey so not far from you
know what we would call them a Middle Eastern context of course in the ancient
world this was a part of a group a territory called Asia Minor and so the
two the churches that Paul is dealing with here are likely the some of the
churches that he and Barnabas planted in in in acts 13 and 14 if you remember
reading those stories of them planting these churches and so the some of the
first groups of people that they brought into a relationship with Jesus well
sometime after they had preached the gospel there
there started to arise like a distortion of it Paul calls in Galatians 1 and
verses 6 and 7 he says someone’s twisting the gospel distorting it and
trying to convince you of things that I didn’t tell you among those things are
at the core that it’s not okay for you to be in God’s family unless you become
Jewish really I mean that was the argument that they were making that it
doesn’t matter you could it’s really no I’m paraphrasing it and kind of
simplifying it but this thing it’s great that you’re interested in our ancestors
Abraham Isaac and Jacob is a ax and all the rest and it’s wonderful it’s
wonderful that you even even believe in this man Jesus who is one of us you know
Jew again you believe he’s been Messiah well listen if you really believe that
and you really want to be a part of our covenant family that it’s very simple
all you have to do is if you’re a guy if it gets circumcised in then and then you
have to eat right and then you have to observe the instructions that we have in
our in our law that Moses gave us it’s cool you know we like the fact that you
like our Bible and that you like our God but you know you’re not quite right yet
you know you’re not quite all there if you really want to be right in the eyes
of God and if you want to be a part of our promises and all that well then just
become Jewish with us that’s now they did it in such a way if you can follow
this that made the Galatians feel special if you read in Galatians 4
verses 13 and finally you’re gonna see like it’s almost as if they were trying
to flatter them in order to manipulate them to get what they want it said that
you they make much of you in other words they you can just imagine oh you you’re
not like the other Gentiles you know the other ones that they’re all doing then
the you know nasty things they’re not supposed to do you guys are in light
you Gentiles you really have it going on and there’s only one more thing you just
have to be Chum Jewish you know and you can imagine that argument being met
well Paul comes in and says listen this is not the gospel that I taught you I
never said anything about that when I came to you in fact I when I came to you
I gave you the gospel the exact way I received it from the Lord Jesus himself
the so he says in Galatians one eleven and twelve that he receive the gospel by
revelation from Jesus so when I came to I told you everything I told you the the
exact truth about who you were in him because you believed okay now if
you accept any other gospel even listen he says even if an angel from heaven
tells you something if I come back to you and tell you something else but
forgot to mention this no do not accept it it’s not true it’s not real the one
gospel is the one I mention to you at the start and so all Galatians is
designed to convince these people about the truth of his original message based
on his personal testimony and based on their experience and based on the
argument of the Bible which again for Paul was our Old Testament hey there
wasn’t a New Testament yet Paul was writing it okay what would become the
New Testament so there wasn’t a New Testament there was just the Old
Testament and all three of these things he uses to argue in Galatians he uses
his own story that’s chapter 1 and chapter 2 where he’s telling them listen
if I if I am teaching what these other guys say is right if I would have taught
that that I wouldn’t be the guy that’s suffering the opposition and the people
mistrusting me look I went from persecuting Christians to be now one of
the people who was proclaiming the message I used to oppose and my
hardships are in part a response to the fact that I’m saying that’s that’s not
true you don’t have to become Jewish to become one of my children this is God’s
message so his own story is a part of this but at the beginning of chapter 3
Paul makes an argument to the Galatians based on two things
number one their own experience and number two the testimony of the Bible
itself now I want you to see the way he argues here and again what I’m telling
I’m speaking about this morning is the Holy Spirit and and the Holy Spirit is
absolutely foundational to their experience and to the message of the
Bible the scriptures so have a look at this okay Paul has just got done
repeating at the end of chapter two that you can’t be right with God just on the
basis of your works you can’t it would be essentially to empty the cross of
Jesus of its value right he says if you could be right by your works then Jesus
died for nothing okay this is what he sent the end of
chapter two so he’s making an argument there about God’s intention that Jesus
suffering should be for the redemption of people but then he turns in chapter
three and says this o foolish Galatians sometimes I say it like to my kids you
foolish children yeah cuz they don’t think right always they think in certain
ways that don’t really match reality this is kind of way he’s speaking to
them like like a father chin you know kind of admonishing his kids oh you
silly silly little kids okay who has bewitched you it was before your eyes
that Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified as I sure when I came to
this is a very point that I made he was crucified if he was crucified it means
that your works can’t profit anything okay let me ask you this now here’s the
question did you receive the spirit by works of the law or by hearing with
faith I find this interesting because he uses the phrase did you receive the
spirit here as a kind of sign it’s an indication of something that had
changed in their experience in their lives
he didn’t say did you become righteous in God’s eyes by works of the law or by
hearing of a faith he could have but you know what he can say did you receive the
spirit because for him he takes it for granted that they actually something
happened to them it wasn’t just an intellectual decision they made okay
they didn’t just change the way they thought they their experience changed
they received the Spirit of God when they believed and he can take that for
granted he can assume that he can remind them listen remember how you were before
remember when that presence of God came into your life remember that how did
that happen was that because he got circumcised
remind me was that because you started eating kosher you said you stopped
eating lobster bisque you know was that because I was it because you started to
observe the Sabbath and you started to get you know keep the feasts of the Jews
know what happened when you believed my message
God’s Spirit came into you so this is his first argument he’s making you
singing look the fact that you received God’s Spirit it actually validates the
authenticity of your faith you say you want to people are telling you your
faith is illegitimate because you haven’t done x y&z I’m telling you your
faith is validated because you received the Spirit of the Living God it changed
you you became different when you believe this gospel message and the
reason is because God came into you by his Spirit God came among you say what
did that look like well look look what else he says so did you receive the
spirit by works of the law by hearing with faith are you so foolish having
begun by the spirit are you now being made perfect or mature by the flesh
the beginning the spirit is the beginning of everything in the gospel in
the kingdom the Spirit is not an add-on he’s the beginning that’s how they began
in faith was is with the reception of God’s Spirit through the gospel not only
that but it generates power when you receive the Spirit he says did you
suffer things in vain if it was in vain does he who supplies the spirit to you
and works miracles among you do so by works of the law or by hearing with
faith just as abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness
and I here to see the connection counted to him as righteousness is simply being
used in parallel with receiving the spirit by faith to be righteous means
you’ve received the spirit by faith it’s what happened that that’s how they knew
that they were right that’s how Paul knew that they were right with God
because God’s Spirit came into them and generated he says miracles well what are
miracles miracles are works of power I mean the basic word in the original
Greek language is Dunamis which means powerful deeds or works of
power of course that was consistent with the life and Ministry of Jesus okay not
only did he go around calling people to repent and welcoming sinners and eating
at the table with tax collectors and other things but he went around doing
powerful deeds I mean he healed the sick he raised the dead he controlled the
weather anybody ever liked that miracle in their
life control the weather I’d be a nice one sometimes he produced food you know
he multiplied it where there was just a couple of pieces of food and he and gave
it to thousands of people these are works of power he was able to prophesy
he was able to read people’s thoughts I mean that that’s an expression of divine
power he was able to cast out demons I mean the unclean spirits that don’t
belong in human beings you remember Genesis 1 God made human
beings for his own breath for his own spirit but something’s gone wrong with
the human story where you have a bunch of people that are now inhabited by
demonic spirits unclean spirits that’s not right that’s not the way it’s
supposed to be so when Jesus comes and he works powerfully he ends up
liberating people from those demonic powers these works of power you know
what Paul says this is when you guys believed the Holy Spirit came upon you
and God worked miracles among you he knows that you know why because he was
there so he can remind them listen you you didn’t you didn’t stop being blind
because you you know you you you you know forsook eating unclean foods you
stop being blind because you believe the report that I gave you and I put my
hands on you started to see again like there were concrete reasons that Paul
can appeal to the Galatians and say stop thinking you’re lacking something you
have everything because you have the spirit the Spirit validates their faith
and the spirit generates power therefore the spirit justifies or verifies our
right relationship with God that’s why the parallel is there with Abraham in
verse 6 you know what Paul is doing here in
verse 6 he’s quoting the Bible because remember if you’re arguing with a Jewish
person about what it means to be right with God you better use the Bible you
better use the scriptures right because that’s what they’re gonna appeal to
they’re saying Abraham got circumcised so you have to get circumcised they’re
saying Moses kept the law so you have to keep the law so what does Paul do Paul
says okay you want to talk about the Bible let’s talk about the Bible abraham
believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness anybody know where that
verse is found yes who’s got the verse verse 15 or 6
awesome Genesis 15:6 let’s go there guys Genesis 15:6 is the foundation of Paul’s
theology in a way it’s in the Bible Paul’s not making stuff up okay he’s not
saying oh I had a vision of Jesus now I get to make up whatever I want
no he had a vision of Jesus that confirmed to him the authentic meaning
of the scriptures why is that important because the Scriptures were revealed by
God they were prophesied they were they were prophetic inspired by the Holy
Spirit literature so God’s not gonna contradict what he’s already intended to
communicate it’s not his way so Paul says okay you don’t talk about Moses you
want talk about Abraham let’s go back to the beginning and so here you go
Genesis 15 remember that this is three chapters after God initially has an
encounter with Abram Genesis 12 is the start we’ll go there in a minute in
Genesis 12 God calls Abraham he says leave your country leave your people
leave the gods that you you know behind I’m gonna be your God from now on forget
all the rest of them and I guess what I’m gonna do through you I’m gonna build
a nation and three year and through the nation I’m gonna bless the whole earth
okay well by the time Genesis 15 comes it’s been a while now but Abraham still
has no offspring and so he’s kind of complaining to the Lord in verse 32 you
say what will you give me I continue childless the heir of my house is
Eliezer from Damascus in other words he’s not even like related to me really
he’s from another country and behold the word of the Lord came to him verse 4
this man shall not be your heir your very own son shall be your heir and he
brought him outside he said look up at the heaven count the stars if you can
now this doesn’t it’s not as impactful for us who live in Chicago because you
live in Chicago and you try to look up and count the stars like well I could
count thirty-five or you know I mean cuz it’s
too bright you know saying the city lights make it difficult to see all the
size have any of you guys ever been like in the middle of nowhere with a clear
starry starry night yeah some of you guys know what I’m talking about this
has happened to me on a number of cases I’ve been in India have been in African
context I’ve been in in Iraq one time would you you look up like and what
happens and this is often saying one time I was in Nigeria and this is the
power’s out I mean it just doesn’t come on for a day or two and so the powers
out there’s no power so you go outside there’s no lights there’s no human
illumination of any kind and you look up the starting like this is bananas the I
mean the stars are like a sheet in a way covering the sky I use like I never
noticed I mean I mean how many stars are there Abraham Council so you gotta
envision a scene like that okay the ancient world there’s no streetlights
there’s no electricity the only light is like it you know a little wax filled
bowl with a wick that’s a lamp right psalm 119 and it says your word is a
lamp for my feet and a light for my path it’s not a flashlight guys okay it’s not
one of those you know you’ve shine it shows you a thousand meters in front of
a lamp in the ancient world was something you it’s a little bowl with
oil and a wick and it lights up maybe two or three feet like you’re not gonna
that’s all there is and he says Abraham look he looks up for the nighttime sky
and sees is full of these constellations and stars and clusters and galaxies and
he’s like your children gonna be like that there was something about that
moment she just got an Abraham like nobody else on the planet has any idea
of what’s going on you think I just imagined and God is telling Abraham’s
I’ve not changed my mind I’m gonna make something out of you buddy you just have
to believe me you know he’s like this is personal that’s what your offspring
should be it says in verse 5 and verse 6 as he believed him believed Yahweh and
he counted it to him as righteousness he Paul says you want to talk about the
Bible let’s talk about it because Abraham was not justified by getting
circumcised he was not made right with God because he started keeping the laws
he was not made right with God because he tithe to the to the king of Salem he
was right with God because he believed what he said God made him a promise and
Abraham something happened in his heart and he was like okay I’m gonna trust you
it’s crazy I don’t see anything happening nothing’s different than when
you called me I’m here my wife is barren but I believe you and if something
happened right there it’s something happened inside Abraham and God looked
at and said that’s it that’s it right there
that’s what I want that posture of your heart that when I make you a promise
nothing is more real to you than that nothing well Paul quotes this in Galatians 3
says listen to me Abraham believes God and God said that’s
righteousness you believed God and God said now let me breathe on you as a sign
that verifies that you’re right with me I’m giving you my spirit I’m flooding
you with me that’s the argument that Paul is making faith is the Avenue okay
the Spirit is the destination faith is the avenue that brings us into
a right relationship with God by Jesus Christ
when that happens we discover God’s own personal presence it’s flooding our be
that’s his that’s his design that’s the destiny for people that’s the goal for
us Paul says it’s the it’s those who are of faith in verse 7 Galatians 3 who are
Abraham’s sons those who are faith that means that the promise God made to
Abraham was going to be fulfilled in the same way that it was initiated by faith
Abraham has descendants who did not believe the message of God you guys know
this abraham had it who was Abraham’s first son Ishmael right now he’s a
descendant he’s a son of Abraham isn’t he but the covenants not going through
him and the reason is that Ishmael was not generated through faith he was
generated through the scheming of people Paul says it’s by the flesh that he was
generated okay Isaac is the child of promise because he was generated by
faith because how old was Sara when Isaac was conceived 99 right I mean how
is this it’s not possible and yet God spoke Genesis 18 and it happened by
faith believing his report again God’s Way is always like that so the people
who are of faith are the ones that are going to fulfill God’s promise to
Abraham just like Abraham receive the promise by faith this scripture again
paul’s referring to the scripture the scripture foresaw this a scripture saw
ahead of time that god would justify the nations by faith the gentiles the
non-jewish people you know you think about what paul saying again for a
jewish person this is scandalous what you’re saying that someone who’s not
jewish could be right with god this is the only way they knew how to think in
jesus’s in Paul’s day they were absolutely
convinced of it and some of them were killing Christians because of their
convictions Paul was one understanding he was killing people he was stat while
he didn’t I mean he was standing there while Stephen was being killed and then
he was arresting people throwing him in prison he was going to another country
to do the same thing in acts 9 when the Lord Jesus appeared to him and said yes
my paraphrase you’re now right you’re not you don’t understand what you’re
doing you’re actually persecuting me when you’re doing it to these people
they’re a part of me they’re in my family in my household when you touch
them you’re touching me and Paul’s world was revolutionized because he realized
it God you’re not doing what I want you’re doing what you said you ever find
yourself in a moment like that in life God you’re not doing what I want but
then you realize you’re doing what you said aren’t I
he hit a wall he couldn’t couldn’t deal with anything anymore in the way that he
had been the second Corinthians we no longer see anyone according to the
flesh we see according to the spirit now it’s completely different and what Paul
discovered is that God’s intention is not to make Gentile people Jewish it’s
to make gentle people children of Abraham not through a natural process
but through the spiritual process of believing the report believing the
promise of God and then receiving the spirit that makes them like Abraham it
very it verifies the fact that they are believing God he says the scriptures
predicted this that God would do this he would justify the Gentiles he would make
the the nations right with himself by faith they preached the gospel ahead of
time to Abraham saying this in you shall all the nations be blessed so then those
who are of faith are blessed along with Abraham the man of faith well this is
another scripture verse from Genesis we look at the one from Genesis 15 this
one’s from Genesis 12 let’s go back to that now again Genesis 12 verses 1
through 3 this is the first time God ever appears to Abram the first time
again Paul saying let’s go back to the beginning what was God’s actual
intention for Abram what was his actual purpose what was the strategy God was
employing why did he call Abram well Genesis 12 tells us why he called Abram
says in verse 2 I will make of you a great nation and I will bless you and
make your name great so that you will be a blessing I mean there’s so much here
we could spend the rest of the day unpacking this stuff you just see the
heart of God here number 1 it’s not just about Abram it is about Abraham but it’s
also not it’s about Abram because he’s training
him to be a man of faith he’s doing that but God sees so far ahead right gods
like looking at Abram saying I see you but I also see through you I’m calling
you because I wanna make you into something I’m gonna make you a nation
God sees in Abram a nation he sees in one man a nation of people I ain’t gonna
bless you I’m gonna make you famous everybody will hear of you which in a
way is like absolutely true isn’t it still to this day I mean Abram may be
lived I don’t know if we know exactly first of four thousand years ago
everybody just about I mean I’m not everybody okay but let’s say 7/8 of the
planet probably bases their religion on Abram in some way or another Muslims
Jews Christians Abraham is the start of everything for these three monotheistic
faiths God I would say God fulfilled his word he made his name great like Abraham
is the root and there’s a reason for that because God made him promises so
I’m gonna make your name great I’m gonna bless you but also I’m
gonna make you a blessing see God doesn’t just raise up people to get
blessed he raises them up to bless them so that they can bless others this is
whole mentality that’s why he built Israel Israel was built to bless the
world I mean this is verse 3 I will bless those who bless you I will and him
who dishonours you I will curse so that in you and the you here is plural
in you all the families of the earth will be blessed Israel was supposed to
be God’s greatest servant I mean that’s the whole vision of God
for the Old Covenant was to raise up a nation that would serve Him by bringing
blessing to all the world well they didn’t they didn’t do that
very well and time and time again they got
chastised and warned and in the end judged significantly through the exile
if you remember this in the Old Testament he uprooted them from their
land they went off to Babylon and Assyria and other places the temple was
destroyed the city of Jerusalem was devastated because they didn’t live up
to this idea this vision that God gave Abram well Jesus does this perfectly he
becomes the servant of God faithfully Delian doing his will and everything
like what Israel could not do Jesus did he becomes that expression of God’s
purpose well why is Paul quoting Genesis 12 in Galatians 3 because he’s saying
this is the this is the gospel what’s happening to you is what would Abram
predicted that in you all the families of the earth would be blessed okay in
you shall all the nations be blessed that’s what’s happening Paul says right
now through the gospel going forward Paul is actually arguing this that the
preaching of the gospel about Jesus Christ is fulfilling God’s ancient
promise to Abraham so what he’s saying the very thing God intended to do at the
beginning he is now fulfilling through this good news of
Jesus going forth to all the world so that it becomes obvious that you don’t
need to be Jewish actually you can be blessed you can be right with God you
can be restored to your purpose as human being if you’re Greek or if you’re at
barbarian or if you’re Roman or Egyptian in the ancient world you could have been
a Syrian if you were Tyrell Phoenician it doesn’t matter your ethnic marking
your ethnic identity is not the issue here the issue here is do you believe
the promise God’s giving you as it is demonstrated in the person of Jesus it’s
their faith in that message faith in that promise
just like Abraham believed a promise and he was God said that’s righteousness
right there you and me we’re to given the opportunity to believe a promise to
our promise comes through Jesus God’s Messiah the Lord of all God’s saying if
you will believe in him like Abraham believe my promise then that’ll be right
with me and then wonder upon wonders I’m gonna give you my own spirit as the
evidence of the fact that you’re right as the evidence of fact that you’re in
my household you’re gonna share my spirit that’s what I’m gonna do last
time I was here I talked about this God builds family
how does he build family by people getting born again into his household
and how are they born again by the Spirit it’s the life force of God it’s
his powerful bright presence and when he gets in you you can’t remain the same
this is the presence of God we’re talking about God’s Spirit and Paul
argues it never would have worked to try to do this with the law
okay that’s what the next little bit is about verse 10 all who rely on the works
of the law are under a curse that the law cannot make you right guys this is
what Paul said in Galatians these folks are coming and they’re telling you to
keep the law it will make you right I’m telling you the law can do no
such thing and it was never intended to the law results in a curse he says
cursed is everyone who does not abide by all things written in the book of the
law and do them I think if they think that’s Deuteronomy 27 verse 26 if you’re
keeping score at home Denny is appealing to the scriptures he’s telling them read
your own Bible you if you don’t do everything okay
the result is curse you you think doing the law is what its gonna make you right
I’m telling you the law itself testifies against that because if you can’t do it
all then you can’t do it and the result is curse you gonna preach that to the
nation’s you think that’s gonna bring blessing to the nation’s it didn’t bring
blessing to you it had resulted in your judgment and you
think that the way to bring blessing to the nation’s is to export the Torah look
what happened what happened to you the whole story of Israel is in his
heart verse 11 it’s obvious no one is justified before God by the law because
the righteous live by faith again quoting the Bible anybody know this
scripture reference the righteous will live by faith how back ik what to 4 who
said it right here how back another I’m sure you guys always do your devotions
out of Habakkuk it’s such a popular Old Testament but it’s not really a popular
Old Testament book but it is a powerful book illustrating God’s ways and one of
the ways of God is this you don’t live by works you live by faith that’s that’s
how the righteous do it how do we know that Abraham I mean just he Paul’s logic
is solid and he’s pointing it out one stage at a time this is how it started
with Abraham God’s never changed his mind
God didn’t look at Abraham and say oh your faith you’re believing my promise
that’s righteousness and then to Moses say oh you’re keeping of my law my law
and your your observances that’s righteousness no God is not
schizophrenic he’s he’s not like he’s always approaching it the same way this
is what righteousness is it’s to believe my report it’s to be convinced that I am
who I say and I’m gonna do what I say the law can’t generate faith the law
says the one who does them shall live by them the law is not of faith you know it
doesn’t operate on the same level as faith the law is the working out of a
relationship with God for the ancient Jewish people the law is a way for them
to define their way of life and build their culture and organize their society
but it doesn’t produce faith the law can’t it doesn’t produce life faith
produces that the good news is that the Messiah verse 13 redeemed us from the
curse that came from the law he bore the curse for us if he came became the curse
for us it’s written again in the Bible cursed is everyone who was hanged on a
tree so that in Jesus Christ the blessing of Abraham might come to the
nations that we might receive the promised Spirit through faith well
here’s the summary then what happens in Jesus is the fulfillment of Genesis 12
verse 3 that when the people from all the world’s okay Arabs Europeans folks
from India folks that are mandarin folks that are Kenyan when people from all the
world believe the message about Jesus then God fulfills the promise he made
all those years ago to Abraham how does he do it he gives them something that he
promised them a spirit here’s Paul’s biblical exegesis actually he’s saying
that the blessing God promised to give to all the families of the earth in
Genesis 12:3 is the spirit who is now being poured out for those who believe
Jesus it’s an amazing statement but it’s Paul’s deepest
conviction that God’s promise is being fulfilled the thing that he told Abraham
he would do he is now doing and this is what is our joy to receive by by that
Gospel message we can become people filled with God’s Spirit
it’s our marker it’s it’s what Paul says it’s what seals us Ephesians 1:13 he has
sealed us by his Spirit that means it’s evidence of the fact that we belong to
him and that were right with him the spirit it’s an amazing thing that’s
happening in the gospel and this is what we’re seeking to in desire that as
people of God we would net we would know and recognize and experience the reality
of his Spirit in our lives now I’m gonna leave you with one more thing again this
was not out of nowhere God prepared the way for this say well how did Paul get
this idea that the blessing of Abraham translates to the reception of the
Spirit let’s look at Isaiah 44 Isaiah 44 Paul was a brilliant guy but he also was
a biblical scholar if I could put it that way he invested his life into
studying the scriptures he’s one who told Timothy they can make you wise for
salvation and Paul knew like this there’s a section in Isaiah chapter 40
through 55 that focuses on the servant of God who’s going to suffer yes but
who’s also going to make it possible for the mission of God’s people to be
fulfilled by shining in the nation’s and bringing hope and life and forgiveness
and grace well in the middle of that section is this little statement Isaiah
44 verse 3 I will pour out water on the thirsty land and streams on the dry
ground I will pour my spirit upon your offspring and my blessing upon your
descendants see Isaiah you know he’s 700 years before Paul and this this guy in
the Holy Spirit is prophesying and the blessing that’s promised for the
descendants of Abraham is the Spirit of God this is this is what God meant
because by the Spirit he makes himself known to all the families of the earth
in the end the blessing that should be distributed to all the nations is
himself God is gonna use a people to reveal the knowledge of himself to the
whole world that’s what we’re a part of and the only way it works is by the
spirit so this morning I just want to exhort you in this I want to encourage
you like you have access to God himself not just among you hear when you’re
gathered but within you wherever you go Paul says both things he says in 1st
Corinthians 6 don’t you know your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit meaning
you personally because God dwells in you and then in 1st Corinthians 3 he says
you all are God’s temple and God’s temple is holy so he knows this and I
just I feel like I’m here today to remind you of who you are to him hey you
are a dwelling place God dwells in you if you have believed his report in about
Jesus then he dwells in you and I’m urging you I’m urging you to take that
truth and explore it like plumb the depths of what it means for God to be in
you access tap into the reality of God’s presence in your life like just just see
what he wants to do because you can’t listen if you will submit to the Lord
100% if you will really believe his message to you that you are a daughter
you are a son you belong to a household the greatest household in history you
have a destiny it’s stamped upon you because God’s Spirit says so okay that
nothing you’re doing now is irrelevant one of the craziest verses in the Bible
I’m sorry I keep going I’m gonna stop first Corinthians 15 and 58 it says this
always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord for your labor and the Lord
is not in vain guys that’s not a verse Bible verse written for pastors or
bishops or religious leaders that’s written to the church in Corinth and
Paul saying always always give yourselves fully to God’s work you say
well I’m a bus driver it doesn’t matter always give yourself fully to his work
even while you’re doing that well I’m a stay-at-home mom it doesn’t matter I’m a
librarian dust matter always he’s always with you you’re always a part of what
he’s doing be ready be prepared get your heart lined up with God’s agenda prepare
your mind if per speeder one says you know buckle your belts and get ready for
action it’s it’s time we’re living in the greatest days of human history before it’s all said and done we’re
gonna see a move of God cross the nation’s you know this right good the
the kingdom is gonna cover the earth the Spirit is gonna break out we’re gonna
see revival will see persecution I believe as well like hostility and
opposition like we’ve never seen but God is faithful and he’s not this thing is
not gonna fizzle out at the end it’s just that the Bible itself that says the
end of a thing is better than the beginning god knows where this is going
I’m urging you let’s get ready let’s tap into the reality of God’s Spirit in our
lives let’s be a people that are totally and just completely engaged with God in
everything that we’re doing amen let me pray for you lord
we stand on both trembling but also filled with excitement when we when we
think about your word God I believe that what you are saying to us today has to
do with our destiny it has to do with who we are in the core of our being it
has to do with throwing off old ways throwing off things that lead to death
things that are our fleshly things that do not profit us
at all and turning our hearts and giving our full attention to you the king the
Lord of all you who dwell within us even now by your spirit in giving us the
grace of your presence and your power God raised us up right here in the
Chicagoland area raise us up God move in our churches move across denominational
or fellowship lines just fill your people with courage and hope and light
or we want to see a move of the Spirit in our city in our region like we’ve
never seen we want to see God people coming to faith from every walk of life
we want to see people who are full of fear and doubt and dread we want to see
them filled with life and hope and joy draw near to us Holy Spirit lord have
your way we pray build us god as a people who are right with you because we
believe this promise and we receive the spirit by faith so making us into
children like Abraham was thank you God that you’ve invited us into this that
you consider us sons and daughters regardless of our ethnic heritage God
you we are integrated into your family it’s awesome it’s beautiful and we love
you for it we thank you Lord we pray for your
blessing to be extended afresh in the name of Jesus amen