The TRUTH about Demonic Magic – Dark Magic Explained!

October 6, 2019 0 By William Hollis

– Yo, what’s up guys? Welcome back. Alright, today, different set up. I’m actually at my buddy, Lee’s house. Lee, who films a lot of my videos. Currently, there is an insane amount of renovations happening at my own house. I’m redoing the kitchen,
the bathroom, and office, and all sorts of stuff so, I had to get out because
the noise was just too much. I wasn’t, particularly,
going to shoot a video but, something’s been brought to my attention. Received a few emails and
messages from you guys saying that there’s a
video going around, Chris, that’s got your name on it. So, somebody uploaded
a video calling me out, calling me a demon, saying
that I use dark magic, and this video’s starting
to get some ‘traction so, I wanted to nip it in the butt, and talk to you guys about this video, and watch it first hand. So, let’s have a look at this video. I can’t believe I’m doing this again. This is getting, honestly,
this is getting ridiculous. But, thanks for joining me. Don’t forget to smash like. (awkward chuckle) Alright, let’s go. Alright, so, here we go. We’re going to type in
Chris Ramsay a demon, and I got a few videos
reacting to demonic magic which have been brought to
my attention in the past. This is a new one. Here we go. Dark Magic: Chris Ramsay
Exposed Liar and Deceiver. I agree with the deceiver
part and the liar part. I’m a magician. Magic is the most honest
profession because, we promise that we’re going to lie to you, and then, we do. That’s the point. Let’s get into it. So, this is, obviously, a clip
from one of the reacting to. I reacted to, like, demonic magic. I put on the Aleister Crowley T-shirt. I drew a pentagon in my hand because, I was mocking this sort of thing. This absolutely, ridiculous thing. And, we’re going to take a
look at what he’s saying. – [On Video] My name is Chris Ramsay, and I have a confession. – True. – [On Video] I’m a magician.
I know most of you think that magicians are all about slight
of hand and misdirection. There are some of you out there who believe that there’s more. That we somehow summoned spirits, and used demonic possessions in order to help us with our illusions. Well, today, you’ll
finally have your answer. (eerie music) – He’s great. – [On Video] You were right all along. Now, this stuff is very, very real. Very scary. And today, I’m going to
finally expose the real magic. Having little tiny
spirits speak to me, like – Wait, what? So, the whole point of this intro was, it was a funny bit that I did where, okay, I’m wearing the
shirt, I have the pentagon. Is it pentagon? Hexagon? I don’t know. I’m bad at geometry. Geography? I don’t know bad at school. I put the hand up and, in this, and I went to my back pocket,
as you can see, right here, I’m going in my back pocket, right there, and I grab a pair of scissors, and I cut the string of
this little voodoo doll, thus making it flop. Even though the string
is not how it works, it’s a funny thing
because then afterwards, after I cut the string, you
know, I’m like it’s all, and I say it’s all BS. This is all BS. And then I go: or is it
as it starts to raise. So, it was a whole gag. They obviously just woosh. Woosh. – [On Video] Having little
tiny spirits speak to me in my ear. Or is it? – OK, this, I mean, look at this. – [On Video] Having little
tiny spirits speak to me in my ear. Or is it? (eerie music) – OK, can we talk about taking stuff out of context for a second? Like, you literally took my clip, chopped it up to suit your own agenda, and then gave that, fed
that to your audience. And, if anyone’s lying
and deceiving, it’s you. The only thing I really
care about is, like, my thoughts on magic is, when I perform, I don’t want to leave the audience dumber than when they walked in. I want to leave them the same or smarter. Often, it’s just the same. They know it’s an act. They know it’s funny or whatever and then, they leave saying, oh, that was great. How do you do that? Whatever. You’re clearly, James, you’re clearly making
your audience more stupid. That I have a problem with. Cause you are obviously
lying to these people. Let’s keep watching. The following magician goes
by the name Chris Ramsay, and he’s quite known for
variety of magic acts. He’s also well known for
making magic tutorials online. OK. I’m with you so far. He often creates alternative
explanations for his magic acts thereby, deceiving his followers. No. I tell them how it’s done, or I don’t tell them how it’s done. Plain and simple. There is no alternative explanations. Some things I have a right
to teach because I’ve created them or I had permission from
the creator to teach them. The things that I don’t teach
are the things that I do not have permission to teach or
they’re things that, maybe, are exposing a little too
much about the method of how the trick works. But, I’m not going to get
into those details because, obviously, the one thing that
these people often say is, like, there’s nothing I can
say because everything I say, you’re going to say, that’s a lie. You’re just covering the
little demons in your head, or whatever and that’s bogus and weird. His video of, like, when
I was getting tattooed, and talking about my tattoos and stuff. As we all know, the greatest trick Satan
ever played on humanity is to convince people
that he doesn’t exist. Okay. Unless, he doesn’t. I, like, I’m not going to get
into the religious stuff but, I’ve said before, I’m
pretty much agnostic. I don’t really care about religion. I don’t care about the debate:
whether or not it’s real, it’s not real. I just don’t care. I don’t want to be a part of it. I’m happy living my
life just the way I am. That being said, I, like, I mean, I don’t believe in Satan either. Do you know what I mean? I don’t, I just don’t care
about this whole thing that these people are obsessed with. – [On Video] There are people
that comment saying oh, you’re into Satan and all this stuff. You’re wearing Aleister Crowley shirt, you must be Illuminati because
you can’t get this on Amazon. They be like, what, like, he’s in on it. He’s been trying to convince
us that magic is not a thing. – When I said you can’t get
this on Amazon, clearly, that was sarcastic but, maybe, it wasn’t so clear
because you didn’t get it. Link below if you guys are interested, you can buy it yourself. This is the weirdest edit
I’ve ever seen, by the way. Truth in plain sight. Plain sight. Satanic (laughs under breath) So, it’s a pentagram. Alright, my bad. Actually, I won’t play, I
won’t play the whole intro, the uncut version that they chopped up. If you guys want to see
it, I’ve linked it below. It’s the intro to the
video so, it’s, like, the first two minutes of the video. You guys can go ahead, and check that out, and see for yourself,
like, how he chopped it up. Ritualistic figure. Oh, you mean the little voodoo stick man? The one that I purchased at a magic shop? This one right here that
you can buy for 30 bucks? Link in the description. You’re welcome. – [On Video] There are people
in the comments saying oh, you’re into Satan and all this stuff. You’re wearing Aleister Crowley shirt. You must be Illuminati. You’re wearing Aleister Crowley shirt. You must be Illuminati. – You’re wearing Aleister Crowley shirt. You must be Illuminati. This is, like, the worst
video I’ve ever watched. Yeah, Aleister Crowley. A Satanist, known as one of the most
wicked person to ever live. Do as thou, do what thou
wilt, not as thou wilt. Same applies to Jay Z. Yeah. So, let me tell you, I’m going to school you guys
a little bit about marketing, okay? So, as a magician, you
have to brand yourself, so that you can get booked, so your social media does well, so that you can make a livelihood
out of your own persona, out of your own brand, and the brand that I chose
to start my magic career with was something that was sort of, like, tied into the dark arts or whatever, and the reason for that
is because it was shocking to some people and that
was the whole point. The whole point was that
people would be shocked by it. The, whether it’s this logo, or whether it’s the Aleister
Crowley shirt or, like, the dark edits on the videos, the whole point of that
was to create this mystery, this sense of oh, what, is this real? Is this not? So, partially, I’m to blame
for people like this because I, I sort of put it out
there for them to, like, put the pieces together. Unfortunately, I didn’t know
to what extent that these lunatics exist. Let’s proceed. Jay Z, by the way, is pretty dope. – [On Video] You’ve been right all along. Now, this stuff is very, very real. I’m going to take it. Watch. – This is the worst edit I’ve ever seen. This is my first street magic video. Quite proud of this. – [On Video] Watch this. – That’s when I decided first
wear the Aleister Crowley shirt to get, like, you
know (clicks tongue). – [On Video] I’m going to step over here. Check this out. Completely gone. Look, I’m going to pick
it out of thin air. Bam. Just like that. You see that? You see it, right? You don’t see it but, let’s
pretend we see it, OK? Watch this. Check this. Come here. Come here closer. Look at the phone. Watch. I’m going to drop it right on here. That’s it, right? That’s your card?
– [Boy In Green Shirt] Yeah – [On Video] Yeah. Well, you know what you can do? Grab it. Sort of take it out, take it out. Pull it out, pull it out, yeah.
You’re holding it, see it? It’s invisible but, you’re holding it. – It’s a good trick. – [On Video] Yup. What I want you to do now is
just put it in your pocket. Yeah, put it in your pocket. That’s it. Now, take it out of your pocket. No, really. No, really, take it out of your pocket. – So good. – [Boy In Green Shirt] Oh, oh! (laughs) – [On Video] Is that it? Make sure that matches. – They failed to include
the part where I, like, put it in his pocket, and
I actually, purposely, kept that in during my street magic video. I could’ve 100 percent cut out that part where I have him hold his hand out, and I’m put pocketing that
corner into his pocket but, I decided to keep it in cause
it’s like (clicks tongue) for the magicians out there like, yeah. Takes some skill, you know what I mean? And I like that. I love that performance. Boom. This is Tagged by Richard Sanders. Link in the description. It’s great because you can
hand it out for inspection. – [On Video] I don’t want to
see it. Show it to everybody. I’m going to make that
card appear on my finger. Watch this. – I don’t know why that always
gets such great reactions, like, with a tattoo
reveal but, it just does. I think something innately, like, impossible about it being in your skin. Oh, by the way, I’ve had this tattoo before this trick that I performed, and after the trick that I performed but, I don’t need to explain that to you. I’m making people happy,
like, they’re smiling. Like, they’re all happy,
they’re experiencing, like, some cool magic. I don’t understand why, look at my hands. No tattoos on my hands back then. Baby Ramsay with a baby beard. This is Christina at my house, tattooing me while I’m explaining. – [On Video] Tattoos. They’re my journal. They’re my time stamp, my map. They act as mementos. – It was a cool video, by the way, if you want to check it out. – [On Video] In places
that I can never escape. The good, the bad, the ugly. They’re all a part of me. This one here is my logo, my old logo. The triangle, sort of,
represented deception, and the three tear drops
is blood, sweat and tears. It’s what I put into it. The triangle, sort of,
represented deception. – Yeah, deception. As a magician, it is the art of deception. I am a deception artist. I fool you. I trick your mind into thinking one thing, and then do something else
so that you experience astonishment and like, oh
my God, that’s impossible. Thank you. – [On Video] Triangle, sort
of, represented deception, – Satan being the great deceiver. One of his video ended with this. – [On Video] Peace out, (Family?). – By the way, that shirt? I don’t want to talk about it. What’s wrong with that? I had somebody make me a little logo. Source of his magic. I wish it was that easy. – [On Video] You’ve been right all along. – Oh God, this again. You’re the worst at editing videos. I don’t know how you get any views. Like, I could, 100 percent, make a better demonic video about me. Watch and pray. And don’t forget to
like and subscribe, too. Alright. Let’s check out some of the
comments here really quick. Demons hate working for people, and when they get the
chance, he’s, his finished. Hell that’s supposed to mean? Literally everything Chris
does can be bought online. Thank you. Thank you, Antonio. Oh, really? I didn’t know that. Do you know of some demons first hand, and that’s how you know? I don’t know if this
guy’s trolling or not. I, I have a hard time believing
that these people are like, real or trolling. Oh, the Aleister Crowley T-shirt is enough to prove the point. These people are vile, flaunting their black
magic because the majority are just asleep and would
defend this no doubt. Disgusting. Eleven likes? What? Infamous amen. Please go to honest news Network with brother Joseph Skinner. God bless you. What the f***? Not hard to see they’re
all warlocks and witches, and they have made their choice. Yeah, yeah. I chose to pursue a career
in slight of hand magic. Sick. There’s some crazy people out there, man. They know spiritual laws,
the elite, the Luciferians, the demons, Satan himself, and that’s why they can perform
lying signs and wonders. That’s why we were promoted
and Satan was demoted. With our names written in heaven and Have you ever heard of
punctuation, by the way? We have the power over them. We just don’t realize the power because we keep battling the enemy
in the second realm thinking, keep fighting instead of taking
authority over the enemy. We are the head and not
the tail above, the not, What the hell are you saying, dude? This guy’s clearly schizophrenic. And, that’s not something to laugh at. That’s not something to mock
at because I’ve seen comments like this before on the Internet, and I firmly believe that
there are some, like, schizophrenic people out
there who should seek help, and this being one of them. Amen. There’s just two
other people that are like Amen to that, brother. Amen, oh yeah. I agree with every word you said. I agree with that sentence. It’s just one sentence, by the way. There’s, like, no punctuation
all the way through. Just one sentence. You must see the winner
of Americas got, has, America Has Talent. I don’t know what that is. Never seen that. Disgusting, vile, wicked,
demonic, perverted, prideful, selfish, and delusional generation. Repent. Please go to honest news Network with brother Joseph Skinner. God bless you all. His shirt says it all, totally. The pentagram is number two. It doesn’t matter. He has magic from demons. Like, totally proof. Oh my God, this is actually crazy, man. Even the fake name is nothing but mockery. Chris is for Christ, as Chris Angel, while the surname has the
Ram for their goat God. This guy here. You’re absolutely right. That’s my name. I can’t change that. That’s not a fake name. What the hell’s wrong with you? I just feel bad for a lot of these people. I feel bad they, like, they have to live their life like this. Thinking these silly things
when there’s so much more important things to focus on in the world. These are the type, by the
way, I, like, visited Germany, like, I had some family in Germany. We went to this town and there
was this place where they, like, burned witches and stuff. It was pretty crazy. And, they had, like, this
bunker where they, like, put the witches, and it was like, super dark and eerie and creepy
and, I thought to myself, how terrifying is that
for these women back then, and most of them were just
accused of being a witch because the husband would sleep around, and he would get caught so, he would accuse his wife of being a witch, and they’d kill her. And that was, like, one of
the main reasons they, like, burnt those witches. Just so, like, men could
get rid of their wives cause they were cheating on
them and they got caught. And, super sad and super, like, crazy to think that this
is the world we live in, or used to but, now, like, people, like, today even with, like, all
the information that you have, this is the type of bullshit
that you guys would rather watch and listen to which,
which is super crazy to me but, at the same time, I feel really
bad for people like that. Like, I’m sure they come from a background where they have no choice. Anyways, I’ve ranted long enough. Thank you, guys, for bringing
this to my attention. I’m, actually, I’m actually flattered. They made a video about me. That’s pretty cool. Hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know your thoughts
about this whole thing below. And, we’ll see you guys on the next video. Peace, bye.