Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2001 Full Gameplay Walkthrough – Mission 7 “PAPER ANGEL”

November 9, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Wait, am I blind? Or is he blind? Are we both blind? Holy shit, how did you not kill me? I am so f*cking blind. Hello everyone! Mission 7 – “Paper Angel” in Ghost Recon original, Ghost Recon 1. In Latvia, my neighbors man. Let’s go. Well If you’re short on time just keep moving then guys. On the last mission we unlocked Susan Grey or we can call her Sasha Grey if you know what I mean… Yes, and she’s my favorite specialist. I mean, is it because she’s a girl? No. I like, because she’s a good ass fucking soldier. I like the voice acting actually on a girl- on a female voices in like… I like female voices in this game I don’t know if I’m weird, but I think they did an awesome job. They sound badass! Come on I saw you escape, somewhere.. WTF are you throwing at me? Dead? Okay, 3 dead. Okay, that’s clear so team “A” can progress, I’ll pick you later for now I’m just controlling “B”. Only “B”. So our main objective is to plant 2 demo charges. And one is not very far away, but the second we have to plant obviously have to go all around the f*cking whole map. That’s what I’m gonna do. If that’s what the game wants me to do that’s what I’m gonna do. Dead. Dead. What are you doing? Guys, stop throwing shit at me. I know you want to kill me, but this is- oh? This gun is so good from far away. Tunney, I really hope I’ll- I’ll keep you alive this- through this fucking whole playthrough. You deserve to be alive. This fog. I mean, I can barely see someone, but I do see them. I’m picking fight with everybody at the same time. Well, Tunney is an alpha male. Oh I see someone. Dead. This fog it’s really hard to see far. Huh, I’m doing pretty well. Amm That’s it? So I just want to make sure that I don’t get shot from the other side right now Yeah, there are tanks in this mission, but they are optional, we do not have to destroy them. I just need to make sure not to get too close to them so I won’t get killed. But they are not a big threat. Okay, plant this shit and run. Run, runrunrunrunrunrun, because we will get f*ck, they are already coming I don’t have to deal with them just run, go to the other side I’ll kill them from the other side I’ll kill them from here. Fuk it dood. For now— Actually go here. Yes, girl, it’s your time this camp to destroy. That’s what you gonna do. “Goodbye” I love this voice acting so much. Please, I have to save her. I cannot kill her. I like you way too much. You’re under fire? “B”? Oh? F*ck, this is a bad place to switch teams. F*ck I’ll need to reload I’m— Please do not shoot… I like how confident she sounds. “Kill confirmed”. Oops, I think he’s injured. Is “B” team un- god I just switched… “GOT EM'”!! You are still shooting someone, aye? Second I want to make sure they are fine. I think there should be another group on the other side. Oh, nice. Yes Sasha. Susan, sorry. Okay, camp is fucked. Nice. I swear to god there has to be another group. “A” team go here for now I want to control “B” for a second. I hear frogs FeelsGoodMan ! Maybe there’s no one here actually, “B” team come here too. Come to “A”. But, oh red dot? Really? Wait, am I blind? Or is he blind? Are we both blind? Holy shit, how did you not kill me? I am so fucking blind. This gun is pretty bad from far away.. Oh? Oh he killed himself, fucking retard. I know that because I see 3 guys dead on the map and I only 2. He’s a fucking retard, aye? I think “B” team can just go to the extraction zone and I don’t even think we’ll need them at all. We should be… Fine. How much do you fucking need? Nice. I like how you do things girl, I’m a huge fan. Big fan. Huh. Alright what do we have here? Yeah, so these people are killed. Remember what I said? There should be people on the other side now even though we were just here with Team “B” No, I think so at least. We’ll see, let’s go down. Alrighty So I hope this red dot means that there is just tank nothing else. I don’t care about these tanks they are not dangerous to me. Okay, so you do not have the demos— f*ck, I left this guy. Okay. She does not have the demo charges this guy does. OP! So she’s shooting someone, what do you see? 4 people. I knew there has to be something. So the mission is basically over we just need to get to the extract— Oh? They do not want to let us fucking get out alive, aye? Where did he come from? This is so fucking bad. Oh madafakas, madafakas… If that’s how you do things, well No. I’m so stupid… I killed Susan. I killed her. She’s dead. Oh no… And this was the last enemy, are you kidding me? Really dude? What? Oh my god my game crashed, are you kidding me? Well, the mission is complete, so thank you for watching and have a good day! See you in the mission 8 in Lithuania! Peace. VICTORY SONG