Top 10 Scary Ghost Videos That’ll Give You Chills

December 13, 2019 0 By William Hollis

This is top 10 ghost videos that’ll give
you chills number 10 ghost in the basement a girl in the video was
enjoying her evening playing in the basement when the camera picks up
something in the background we’re looking at her okay do some light
lifting number nine more doors this video has
been terrifying the internet and it was taken in a former morgue in Brazil the
two security guards make their way down a poorly lit corridor armed with a
flashlight a cell phone the guys are investigating a sinister
banging come from down the hall as a security guard makes their way closer to
the terrifying sound they notice a red door slamming opening and shutting all
by itself as it get even closer to the door all of a sudden it stopped take a
look number eight playpen invader
a mom put her baby for a nap in the playpen she grabbed her baby monitor I
left the room for a couple minutes she looked up the baby monitor just to
make sure that the baby’s doing fine and she saw a face of a ghostly figure in a
form of a baby staring at her baby as she sleeps take a look I’ll let me know
in the comments below on what you think number seven backseat baby now I can’t
play the song in this video because of copyright infringement but the two girls
was driving around singing Adele when one of the girls started to notice that
a baby start to form in the car seat in the back of the car number six nighttime play date in this
footage that that is watching his kids on the baby monitor playing in the next
room when all of a sudden he noticed a ghost of a child by the baby gate
staring at his kid as they play the kids doesn’t seem to notice the figure
standing there he rushes over to investigate but nothing was there number five tunnel ghost the youtuber
Ryan cool vids that a 3m challenge at eighth Russell in Michigan now Ryan’s
channel is not a paranormal Channel and it consists of a lot of random stuff
what the group caught on camera that night shocked them to the core
completely take a look pissed off low Lux it’s it’s kind of wandering on me something’s draining it’s in very alright I think I’m ready to take off number four he’s here now the paranal
investigating group by the name of Alex paranormal investigated a haunted care
home when things started to get scary the group started hearing strange noises
and disembodied voices throughout the care home the group didn’t notice what
the camera picked up at the time until they re watched the footage firstly woman you say my life we can see after Alex asked a question
on the spirit box his shadow figures started moving in the next room you can
check out the full video on Alex channel called Alex paranormal TV number 3
wandering spirit in the video Angela have been hearing noises at night and
seeing that objects husband moved the next morning so she set up a camera in
the living room to catch whatever is making the noises and moving the objects
and what she caught gave her goosebumps number two caught on camera
this video was taking in a pub in the Isle of Wight Emily’s friend was doing a
few months work at a pub and didn’t think anything scary would come from it
one early morning she was reviewing the CCTV footage from the night before
and what she saw gave her goosebumps she noticed the lights started flickering on
what looks like a shadow figure floats in front of the two middle cameras before we get into number one I would
like to ask you a question what would you like to see me cover in the next
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number one abandoned the man in the video hurts stories about this haunted
abandoned building in his hometown and fought the courage to explore the place
now I don’t know what the man is saying in the video so if anyone would like to
translate they’ll be greatly appreciated the man makes his way down your path to
enter the building when all of a sudden there is something peering back at him
from the window now no one lives there and the building is completely abandoned
so what exactly is peering back at him through that window take a look
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