Top 15 Most Scary Videos Caught In The Woods

August 29, 2019 0 By William Hollis

15. Bear Encounter
In the winter of 2012, this YouTuber was almost a goner when a mother black bear decided to
charge at him, not once but twice. SpeedShooterXT was hunting in this Oregon
forest when he encountered some bears nearby and began filming. The bear starts off by keeping her distance
but ultimately begins charging in his direction. The most scary part of this entire video is
the look on the mama bear’s face when she begins approaching played in slow motion. The man managed to scare the bear away by
being loud, and shortly after, she charges towards him again before the video ends. Luckily, this YouTuber got away safely considering
Black Bears can run up to 40 miles per hour. So if the bear chased him, he wouldn’t have
standed a chance. 14. Mysterious Creature
Leviathan published this video on February 18, 2016, writing
“In March 2015, I went on a hiking trip in the woods of Monrovia, CZ.” He said after a few hours of walking, he suddenly
heard some strange sounds coming from south of him. While walking through a mossy wooded area,
he hears a sound echo throughout the forest. The camera shot moves toward the sound, and
the fearless hiker decides to enter deeper into the forest to investigate. He comes across some tracks that look Big
Foot-esque – in the shape of human feet, only bigger. Deciding he’d rather live than come face
to face with this creature, he gets the heck out of dodge. But as he’s leaving, the strange call is
heard in the forest again. It’s almost like the wind is screaming…but
the day is absolutely calm. On the way back to his car, he claims that
he heard the noise the whole way. While guesses as to what this creature might
be range from Big Foot to werewolves, one thing’s for certain: STAY OUT OF THE FOREST. 13. Strange Sound
On January 15th, 2013, YouTuber MrHutch117 posted this strange sound heard in the forest. “Where did it come from? We’re in the middle of nowhere?” the man
filming asks. The man believed it was coming from up above
somehow, though it also seems to come from every direction. He and his hiking partner had just heard a
noise that was a bit off-putting. He decided to turn on his phone’s video
to capture the sound if they heard it again. Halfway through the footage, you can hear
why they were concerned. The sound sounds off again, and it seems like
the guttural laughter of a demon. Then comes a deep and echoey wailing, something
that’s not human, not animal, not anything known. While viewers think it must be fake, because
the people in the video aren’t reacting much to the frightening sound, others suggest
it could be related to the mysterious trumpet like noises heard worldwide, and some say
it could be the US government project HAARP. What do you think it is? 12. Raging Forest Fire
This raw footage of the Eagle Creek forest fire in Oregon shows the damage that bad choices
can do. The raging wildfire was started by teenagers,
who thought it was a joke to throw fireworks into the canyon, where the lack of rain had
dried out much of the forest’s vegetation in late summer/early fall of 2017. The place was a tinderbox, waiting for a match. And an unnamed boy and his friends struck
that match, recording their stupidity on video. After the teens were reported to authorities,
they tried to speed away in a minivan, but were caught by police. The teen who started the fire received a load
of backlash over social media about his careless actions. After all, the wildfire burnt down almost
30 square miles of forest, forcing many to flee their homes. After his sentencing, he gave a statement
of contrition, saying: “Every day I think about this terrible decision and its awful
consequences. I know I will have to live with my bad decision
for the rest of my life.” He will. I’m sure the entire state won’t let him
forget it. He was placed on probation for five years
and given 1,920 hours of community service to be directed by the U.S. Forest Service. The Eagle Creek culprit was also ordered to
pay more than $36 million in restitution for starting the fire. Seems fair to me. 11. Creepy Figure
Seeing something other than wild animals and nature in the forest is always creepy. So, what if you saw this… James jones published a creepy figure that
he’d caught on video in the forest in June of 2012. He explained that he was currently making
a homemade “indie” horror flick for which he wrote his own script. After setting up a “prop” ritual circle
in the middle of the forest, based off of research for his film, he ran some rehearsals
and then headed home. He returned the next afternoon to film more. That’s when he spotted this figure. In his own words: “I don’t have any explanation
on what it is. The reason why this is so weird is because
this ‘figure’ is exactly where I had created the ritual circle last night.” When he returned with his camera that evening,
the figure had disappeared. From afar, it appears like a hooded demon,
wearing a black robe. It’s unmoving. While many in the comments believe it’s
just a tree or a stump, others wonder if the uploader was reaping the consequences of setting
up a ritual circle in the forest. What do you think it is? 10. Mountain Lion
Mountain lions, are known to stalk their victims. Published in September of 2014, YouTuber Sophia
Zhang wrote: “During Chris’ 2014 summer mountain biking adventure, a mountain lion
stalked him, and in this video, you can see how he handled the hungry mountain lion in
the wilderness near Fernie, BC.” In the video, a man is standing in a clearing
with some tall brush, trees all around, and a dirt path. He claims there’s a mountain lion in the
vicinity, but for the first couple minutes, you have to take his word for it, because
the animal is completely camouflaged. But at around the two minute mark, you catch
the lion creeping towards the man, who is shooting the video. At least, it’s creeping at first, then it
starts walking, and as it closes in, the man scurries backwards for a moment. Then he turns around and the lion is just
standing there in the path, looking calmly at him. He starts talking to the lion, also calmly. He tells the lion that he’s “much bigger”
than him, and the lion doesn’t care. He creeps into some bushes, and you can hear
him growling, as the guy now shouts, “GO!” The lion just creeps around the other side,
until he’s in full view again. He stares the guy down, seemingly unintimidated
by him. Cut to a moment later, and the cat is still
stalking him, but the guy turns around and tells him to stay back, saying, “I’m not
afraid of you.” The lion then just turns around carelessly
and plods away. Just another day in the forest. 9. Strange Lights
When Bryan Schultz entered the forest in September of 2015, he probably wasn’t expecting to
be spooked by something that was perhaps paranormal. In his video description, he writes: “Camping
trip on 9-6-15 I was alone and seen strange lights moving from tree to tree (of)…different
sizes and colors. I was doing a live periscope at the time,
so the video isn’t the best quality.” In the video, he was reading his live viewers’
comments and responding. After the event occurred, he called into Art
Bell’s show, “Midnight in the Desert” and talked on air about what had occurred. You can see a flash of light between the trees. With Bryan’s flashlight directed toward
it, the flash looks like a spark of light. When he turns his flashlight off, the light
is broad and bright. Whatever the light is keeps flashing in the
trees, low, high, everywhere. At times it appears like a flashlight, other
times, Bryan suspects it’s a UFO. Others in the comments said they’ve had
similar experiences before with no explanation. Many commenters say at 2:36 in the video there
is something or someone seen moving behind him. If we slow down the footage, you can definitely
see something move. Do you have an explanation? 8. Shadow People
Published in June of 2008 by Damian Black, the “shadow people” of Emerson County
are caught on video, causing havoc in the forest. According to Damian in his description, the
first reports of these creatures occurred in 1957. In his own words: “In August of 1997, roughly
2 miles from where original reports originated, a video camera was found and turned into local
authorities. What they saw on the old tape was scary, mysterious,
and remains unexplained to this day.” The video shows some grainy footage in the
forest. At first, there’s just trees and brush,
but after a moment, the cameraman says he’s heard something moving. Zooming in, you can vaguely see that something:
a translucent form of a figure as it moves through the trees. It’s difficult to tell if it’s man, animal,
or something else. But it does look like a shadow figure. At first, it seems perfectly docile. And then it screams. The pair run, but it’s unknown whether they
made it out of the forest alive. That terrifying sound may have been the last
thing they ever heard. 7. The Stalker
A gut feeling – a sensation – is almost worse than the reality, itself. Say, you’re alone in the forest, the hair
stands up on the back of your neck. You get the sensation that something is watching
you. What do you do? Druid RavenScout published this video in August
of 2015, explaining this very scenario, while he packed up his bags to leave the forest. He said he felt something that he couldn’t
explain – a gut feeling that something – or someone – was following him. He said he felt “threatening sensations,”
as he walked the path over a couple of hours. He had planned on staying in the forest another
night, but his intuition was telling him not to. During the 18-minute video, he explains that
he feels like he’s being observed. He also says he heard something strange up
in the trees as he walked the path earlier. He does manage to escape the forest without
meeting his stalker, but not without shaking the feeling that something certainly was watching. 6. Underwater Forest
SpliTSideZ published this hypnotically creepy video of the Olho D’Agua river in Bonito,
Brazil in February of 2018. The area had experienced heavy rain, submerging
the jungle, and allowing for these beautiful and somewhat unnerving views of a mysterious
underwater forest. You see tree stumps, branches, and bridges
submerged. According to the video, flooding at this level
has happened at least three times within the last sixteen years. By the day’s end, the water receded to a
normal level. But it does make you wish you could experience
something like this. There’s something very beautiful and still
about the mysterious atmosphere the flood creates. 5. Ouija Board in the Forest
Aokigahara – also known as the Sea of Trees – is an infamous Japanese forest, while there
are certain areas that are so dense that a feeling of solitude exists there like nowhere
else. Sound is also absorbed allowing for a kind
of quiet you’ve never heard. Yūrei – ghosts of the passed away from Japanese
myths and legends – reside in this forest. Needless to say, the place is grim. And it becomes even more grim when you bring
a ouija board and attempt to talk to the spirits. Brennen Taylor published this video in July
of 2017, writing: “We explored the forest to the depths of where normal hikers are not
allowed to go, the things we saw changed us and we will never be the same. We decided it would be a good idea to play
the Kokkuri san which is basically the Japanese equivalent to the Ouija board.” First, the man filming asks the board if they’re
going to run into a body that night, and the board answers “4.” Being that there were four members in the
group, this response must have sent a chill up each of their spines. When asking the spirit if they should be in
the forest, the spirit answers “no.” At one point, one of the crew notes that moths
are a sign of the afterlife, and they are all over the place, even landing on the board. They also notice scratch marks on a nearby
tree, which seem to indicate that somebody clawed at it, in the shape of an “X.” They next ask the spirit if they’ll find
someone that very night. The answer? Yes. When they finally decide to leave the forest,
they’ve lost the coin that is used as a planchette. According to the Kokkuri san, one of them
must spend the coin within twenty four hours of playing or otherwise there is bad consequences. They backtrack to look for the coin. But the coin is never found. What will happen? Will they have seventy years bad luck? It’s hard to know. All we do know is that they survived to tell
the tale and post it on YouTube. 4. The Forest Noises
Though there are plenty of strange noises caught on tape, this one is as scary as it
is mysterious. Published by Jimmy Dillard in June of 2013. Dillard left his camera in the forest to capture
deer. Instead, he captured some strange screaming,
grunting, and rocks being thrown at his camera. While Dillard thought it might just be children
playing around or a homeless man disturbing the forest, we’ll never know the truth,
because the source of the sound and disturbance never appeared on camera. In watching the video, you can hear a bellow
echo throughout the wilderness, almost Tarzan-like in nature. Later in the video, you hear tree branches
breaking. Then, one of the most chilling noises is that
of a growl or a bark. The thing sounds human, but not quite. You can hear whatever it is clamber through
the leaves and branches. The whole video is quite unsettling. Almost more upsetting, because you can’t
see the source of the sound, although from the sounds of it, the creature must be very
near. You expect it to jump out at you at any moment. “I[‘ve] been hiking and camping since
I was little, and Ive heard just about every animal in Georgia but I[‘ve] never heard
anything like this,” Dillard wrote. One thing to keep in mind is that elk and
moose don’t inhabit this region. But could it be some other animal? Which leaves us to wonder: what in the world
is residing in this forest? 3. Scary Last Footage
This is supposedly the “last footage” of two guys who were driving through a forest
in 2006. Uploaded by Lars Helge Nedrebø, he writes:
“This is some of the footage found on their camcorder. From what they are saying on the video they
were trying to take a shortcut through the forest”
The footage is dark and not so clear, but it shows two friends, driving along a road,
laughing, singing, and generally having a good time. At one point, they are in a forested area,
when they come across a roadblock. One of the friends gets out to move it. The road beyond is a bit spookier. It’s bordered by trees and darkness. They come across another roadblock, and the
driver stops so his friend can pop out again to move it, but he can’t for some reason. It’s locked perhaps. He gets back in the car, and we can assume
they turned around to get back onto the main road. Then, for some reason, they get out of the
safety of their car and head into the forest. Bad idea. While they’re walking, they hear something
not of this world. The sound is disturbing and seems to scare
the men who are searching for its source with a dim flashlight. But they start laughing, as it sounds strange,
like an animal choking or something. Soon, however, they’re not laughing. Whatever creature was making that noise suddenly
attacks one of them, while the other races toward the car. You can hear him sobbing, as he attempts to
get inside to safety, but he doesn’t make it. The creature attacks him as well, and the
camera catches him as he falls to the ground and is dragged off. We can assume neither of the pair made it
out alive, as the title “last footage” would suggest. What was this creature? Do you think this footage is fake or real? It’s been debated on the internet for quite
awhile now. Whether real or not, it’s quite scary. 2. Moose Charge
Wild animals can be incredibly dangerous. Even animals that look as slow and non-menacing
as moose are. YouTuber Azeroth6390 discovered that in June
of 2007, when he published this video, writing: “My dad and my grandfather were trying to
chase a moose into the forest because it was in a village scaring people.” What happened next? Well, see for yourself. The moose is wandering in the forest, and
you can see a man and his dog head towards it. The shot cuts to three moose running along
next to a home, presumably being chased off by someone, while a dog nearby the man filming
starts barking. That’s when one of the moose has had enough. He clambers through the trees toward the dog
and the man filming. The man lets out a crazy bellow, so the moose
thinks better of it. Also, he seems to be having a tough time getting
through the thick bramble. The moose retreats, and the man filming says,
“She tried to get us,” in his native language. Moose can be very dangerous. In terms of behavior, they’re not as aggressive
as bears, but their population size means you are more likely to be injured by one than
you are by any bear. According to howstuffworks, in Alaska, alone,“Moose
outnumber bears nearly three to one… wounding around five to 10 people in the state
annually. That’s more than grizzly bear and black bear
attacks combined.” I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t
want to feel the power of the weight behind those antlers. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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Remember that footage of the raging Eagle Creek forest fire? Just imagine being in the middle of it, driving
right through the very center? While driving, I can only imagine they’re
wondering whether or not they’ll live through this horror…or maybe they’ve already gone
to the other side. In the video, you can barely see the road,
as smoke rises all over, and hellish fire springs up along the roadside. Sparks of embers fly across the windshield,
making the viewer feel like they’re in the center of a fire pit. You can also see specks of black ash flick
across the window. Finally, they make it onto a main road and
make a break for it. Although it’s still very smokey, slowly
but surely the smoke vanishes as they escape the fire zone. That was one scary and wild ride.