Top 15 Mysteries In The Sky Caught on Tape

August 16, 2019 0 By William Hollis

15. Russian Sky
Uploaded in 2014, this video shows a strange occurrence in the skies over Moscow. While driving down a mostly desolate road
late at night, a driver captures this bright flash in the sky. The video begins with a typical night sky
but soon a bright flash bursts into the shot and the sky is lit up as though it’s late
afternoon. The flash eventually dims to leave the sky
dark once again, before igniting several more times. Many excuse this as a forest fire illuminating
the cloudy night, but others believe it’s yet another sign of the end of times. Of course, it’s entirely up to the viewer
to interpret. 14. Black Ring
One evening in July 2017, a young woman was driving down an empty road in Birkenshaw Missouri
when she and her boyfriend spotted something mysterious. A large black ring of what appeared to be
smoke hovered in the sky above the street. The witness claims that while the ring seemed
to float gently and dissipate, it didn’t appear to be ascending from a specific location. City officials claimed that despite a similar
sighting a few days before, there had been no reports of fires in the area. Some believe the figure was a result of a
smoke trick, something supernatural or even a common occurrence such as the result of
an emission from a smokestack. Of course, no clear explanation has been released
or confirmed. 13. Unidentified Flying Object Falling Towards
Earth This short clip from 2011 shows a bright aircraft
falling to the Earth’s surface while leaving behind a trail of smoke and fire. Allegedly, no reports could confirm if this
was a regular aircraft, so viewers jumped to the conclusion that it was an extraterrestrial
ship wrecking towards the Earth. Unfortunately, no debris was ever discovered
near the area. A similar video from February 1st 2017 shows
a very similar case. A well lit object crashes to the ground as
it burns. The disk shaped object is eventually obstructed
from view so the impact is not recorded, and again any debris was never discovered. 12. Sky of Blood
This video from Brazil comes with very little information other than that a resident decided
to capture the strange footage and share it with the world. The short clip, uploaded in 2015, shows a
cloudy sky that is bright red on one side and typical blue on the other. There has yet to be a scientific explanation
for this sight. Some claim that the video is edited, while
others have taken it as a sign of the end of times. For those that are religious, the bible states
that the end of times will be signaled by “fire and bloodshed”, which is a main
reason why some people took this sighting as a warning from God. Additionally, various viewers have described
the sky as unsettling, while others have deemed it beautiful and mesmerizing. Overall, this is just another mysterious video
that may never have a solid answer. 11. Norwegian Spiral Anomaly
This mysterious sighting in the sky was captured in 2009 over Norway. Citizens immediately began snapping photos
and recording low quality footage of the stunning phenomenon. A blue light allegedly shot upward into the
sky, originating from an unknown location. The light widened as it went up and formed
a bright blue spiral in the dark night sky. The light resembled a search light or signal,
as from a superhero movie. No confirmation was offered on whether or
not a local government was responsible for the strange light. So witnesses immediately jumped to paranormal
and other-worldly explanations. The most popular of all being that extraterrestrials
were signaling their home planet or spacecrafts to land. The number of uploads of this spiral reassure
the fact that this video is real. 10. Green Skies
In September 2017 a 8.0 magnitude Earth quake shook the ground in Mexico City, causing fear
and damage to cover the nation. Aside from the expected confusion of an Earthquake,
something quite mysterious also occurred. Late at night from city buildings, various
flashing lights can be seen in the dark sky. Though the lights alternated in color, the
majority of them were a bright green that strobed without aim. Footage was shared all over the web and instantly
sparked various theories from extraterrestrials to government theories that involved controlling
the weather. However, NASA scientists suggested that the
lights were the result of electrical reactions with certain rocks and minerals. 9. Finland Horror
A large dark, ominous cloud began to sweep over a local beach in Finland in late 2012. At first, it looked like nothing more than
a massive storm cloud rolling in, so visitors didn’t react. As the cloud came closer, though, it began
to emmitt deep growling or horn like sounds. Additionally, as it came closer, residents
realized that it was very low hanging and appeared as though it could even be touched. Birds flew out of the clouds way as beach
goers began to flee. The sounds were deafening and unexplainable. This whole clip in general seems as though
it was taken straight from an “end of times” flick. 8. Unidentified Flying Object Uncloaking
This short video from 2016 unfortunately does not offer much context. Simply put, someone noticed a large round,
brightly lit circle in the sky during a thunderstorm. Each time lighting would illuminate the sky,
the circle could be seen for a few seconds after. Additionally, it appeared as though light
was traveling around the circle, like a loading screen. The uploader believed that this was an extraterrestrial
spacecraft accidentally uncloaking after lightning hit the ship. Others assert that this is how some extraterrestrial
crafts charge while on Earth, through help of lightning, and that the ship exposing itself
was part of the charging system. Others think that it was more of a natural
anomaly related to the storm. 7. Surprised Driver
Many witnesses mistake flying saucers, or Unidentified Flying Object’s and airplanes. However, in this video there’s a clear distinction. Uploaded by Michael MacEachern in 2016, this
short video shows what he saw on his drive home late one night. A large triangular aircraft floats through
the sky in a straight line. Several lights flash and move as the large
object speeds through the sky. At first this could be easily excused as a
plane, but the lights are in locations on the ship that are not normal for most aircrafts
here on Earth. Michael’s surprise and genuine reaction
also help prove that the footage isn’t edited. 6. Phoenix Light
Security footage from the city of Phoenix, as well as phone videos from local residents,
shows this bright blue fireball racing through the sky on a November night. The ball seems fall toward the Earth leaving
a bright streak behind it. As it comes closer to the ground though, it
bursts into a brilliant blue flash and vanishes. Reports were also documented in New Mexico,
Texas, and even New York. Of course many think it was a meteor but skeptics
are digging for a more extraordinary answer. Additionally, it has not been confirmed as
a meteor by experts yet. 5. Unidentified Flying Object Cloud
Believers tend to assert that extraterrestrials use aircrafts that can be easily disguised,
as to avoid being captured and studied by government officials from all over the Earth. Usually some tend to think that these crafts
can turn invisible or hide in the clouds, but this witness seems to think that they
can also disguise themselves AS clouds. A Philadelphia citizen uploaded this 2 minute
clip of a small, isolated cloud in the clear blue sky. At first, it does appear to just be a random
cloud. As the video continues, though, it becomes
clear that this doesn’t look like a normal cloud. It is more transparent, slightly reflective
of light, and it moves frequently in an unnatural way. The cloud travels across the sky much more
quickly than a normal cloud would, and significantly more quickly than the clouds surrounding it. Additionally, the object seemed to be filled
with various lights of different colors. 4. Tentacles
For years, photos have been shared on social media of alleged tentacles in the sky. Though these are just a few examples, many
more photos out there exist. Some are convincing, others are noticeably
edited, and a great few are poorly done. People think that some of these images may
be proof of Cthulhu, a mythological celestial being. Others see the images as proof of extraterrestrial
life, or demonic beings visiting from the underworld. And as always, some think it’s just all
fake internet fun. Regardless, the images are unsettling. 3. Small Unidentified Flying Object
A YouTuber captured this 5 minute footage in 2016 of an alleged Unidentified Flying
Object over his home. The Unidentified Flying Object, which is a
very small distant round object, floats swiftly through the air for several minutes. At first it appears it could just be a very
distant plane or even balloon. However, as it begins to move unnaturally,
as if being controlled, it is obvious that the object isn’t normal or mundane in the
least. While this video isn’t as mysterious or
unsettling as the others, it is a great example of how everyday people can capture footage
of Unidentified Flying Object’s or proof of extraterrestrials with just their personal
cameras. Maybe if we spent a little more time looking
up, we would spot something extraordinary. 2. Strange Cloud
YouTube user Jimmy Hotz shared this video of a very strange cloud in the California
sky in 2007. The video instantly gained attention for the
unexplainable and mysterious shape in the sky. The large dark grey mass was shaped like an
aircraft with a fin on top. It is obviously just an oddly shaped cloud
in the sky, easily explainable with the help of science. However, it still made the list because of
the uproar caused by the footage. Witnesses and viewers immediately jumped to
the conclusion that this was an extraterrestrial spacecraft, or even the work of the U.S governments
spy aircrafts. And although this has a logical explanation,
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shortly after the similar video on the list. It shows a large fireball falling toward the
ground in Tasmania. It doesn’t appear to be any type of aircraft. And it’s unlikely to be a meteor, because
most of them burn entirely before reaching the Earth’s surface. Again, in this footage the debris was never
discovered or investigated, leaving even more questions than answers. Could this be part of a series of falling
debris in February 2017? Perhaps an Unidentified Flying Object wrecked
and then plummeted to the surface, all over the world. Still this leave the question of why no mess
was left behind.