TOP 5 Fantasmas REALES captados en VIVO, sucesos * paranormales * grabados en video

November 15, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Ghosts captured live
What is there after death at this time It is impossible to know, there are hundreds of
opinions of creationist groups and materialistic, some say there is
heaven and hell, and others think that then death no more nothing the eternal
empty, there are many hypotheses which They say that when you die your soul moves to a
fourth dimension, so you stay prowling in the world in which you lived before, but without
to be part of matter most usually “invisible” to the human eye,
but apparently not to the technology, in this video that we want to teach some
ghosts captured live. In this video we can see a group
people hanging around a house pretty very old and apparently abandoned, because
of curiosity, to see what they have seen, insurance must be sorry for all
his life, the atmosphere starts to get tense, voices are heard, as if someone was
saying something like, “Pray for me,” seconds after that, a child who appears not
They had no idea who he was, and being a sighting sudden, they reacted with despair
and shouts of “Let’s get out of here.” The house apparently was part of an ancient
building during the time of the Civil War US, according to reports the
house had been bombed, leaving a lot of people dead, including
them children. This video is captured by a camera circuit
which reflects closed at its lower corner left the date of 11 September
2011, this event occurred in South Jakarta, Indonesia, the camera can appreciate
a luminous figure which swoops down and lands in a very gentle, simple
view shaped wings which They take flight easily. Those who were
apparently present reacted very surprised running to the place where he had stopped
strange figure who is known as Indonesian angel, and although it could
be a manipulated video, there are many people who they are still in doubt. Here we see a father who takes
a camera and enters the room of his daughter, who is back on
a corner and justifying it with the fact that he was playing hide and seek, but,
with whom? It is the question we ask and he himself became instantly I do not doubt
and he decided to play with her daughter leaves the room counting and searching, turn the knob and
opens the door slowly, in what has view of the room, in the corner where before
was hiding the girl, you can see a figure or shadow, and noting very
well, next to the TV stand is You can see a movement of something that fizzles
instantly, and not stop being creepy, the girl was not there, but hidden under
some sheets. This is a little more famous than the others,
it is the ghost of Disneyland, this spectrum was captured at night by a camera
security, Disneyland has a history very gloomy that have no relationship
with which they are aimed at children, for many years in these facilities own
employees have gotten out rumors that there have been several paranormal activities,
and not suffice the number of workers, Walt Disney himself admitted that something strange
It happened in that place, this time we can see one of them, apparently is the figure
a human being who is moving through the park and through the gate. On January 31, 2013, Elisa Lam, a girl
21, disappeared from nothing while he was staying at the Cecil Hotel in California.
February 19 hosted several people demanded the administration because the
tap water had no pressure adding the water had a strange color, days
then workers sent review water tanks were found with
naked and decomposed body of Elisa Lam, It autopsied when they could not
find any physical harm, so the reported death as “accidental”
here begins the odd, to reach those tanks, only one could enter a
key that only workers had the last time Elisa was seen alive,
It was in a video recorded by a camera Hotel elevator, where it is note
very strange behavior, going out and entering the elevator and hiding the
corners, as if hiding from someone, without that off, reportedly
forensics, the same day she died, leaving them as important fact that Elisa Lam did not suffer
of any mental illness.