Top 5 Kids Who Were Possessed By Demons

November 10, 2019 0 By William Hollis

With next months release of the new american
horror flick, The Prodigy — about a young boy possessed by a supernatural entity — we
thought what better time to gift you with a list of demonic kids than right now on Top
5 Scary Videos. Hey guys, welcome back, I’m your host Lucy
McPhee and today we’ll be listing off the Top 5 Kids Who Were Possessed By Demons — now
we’ll be delving into mostly real cases here — but there might just be a number all
about one of our favourite possessed characters in cinema — we will see. Before we begin make sure to stick around
until the end of the video where I’ll be responding to a few of your comments. Let’s jump in. 5 Regan MacNeil – The Exorcist
Arguably the most infamous case of possession in cinema — we have Regan from The Exorcist. Though she would typically deserve the number
one spot on any other list — I’m opting for the true life cases this time around — and
Regan — sadly — is fictional. Well — somewhat, but we’ll get to that
later. Released in 1973, The Exorcist tells the story
of Reagan — a young girl who becomes possessed by a demon after playing with a Ouija Board
— and contacting a spirit named Captain Howdy. Regan begins to act strangely — emitting
mysterious noises — swearing — and even peeing on the carpet during one of her mum’s
parties. After Regan’s bed begins to shake uncontrollably
— her mum, Chris, contacts a physician who deems nothing psychologically wrong with the
young girls — forcing Chris to turn to the church. Two priests are brought in — and an exorcism
performed — during which Regan impales herself with a crucifix — throws up green vomit — and
exhibits scars on her torso that read “Help me”. The demon is eventually drawn out after one
of the priests, Karrass, invites it in to him — he jumps out the window — killing
himself — thus leaving the demon without a host — diminishing its power. 4 Roland Doe
Now — jumping over to the story that inspired our previous number — the case of Roland
Doe — also known as Roland Edwin Hunkler. Roland was a fourteen year old boy who became
possessed by the devil after using a Ouija Board to contact his dead Aunt. What ensued was unfathomable — mysterious
scratches appeared on his skin — religious artifacts would fly across the room — his
body would contort and levitate — and he would make guttural demonic noises. Priests were called in and over thirty exorcisms
were performed on the young boy — during which time he injured one of the priests. The final exorcism was quoted as involving
“feral anguish and sulphuric odor looming in the air”. 3 Anna Ecklund
This disturbing possession case occurred in 1882 in Earling, Iowa — after Anna was cursed
by witchcraft practiced by her father and aunt. She become intolerant towards religious artifacts
— and unable to set foot inside of any church. She becoming overly sexual — spouting hate
and vile curse words towards people she encountered. An exorcism was performed and deemed a success
— but the possession once again returned as her parents begged Satan to return. Anna was admitted to a convent — where she
was reported to levitate — speak foreign languages — and would throw away blessed
food. She began to deform in appearance — and twenty
three days later — after three more exorcisms she was finally cured of her demonic possession. Families — can’t live with em — can’t
live without em. 2 Latoya Ammons
This article made waves back in 2014 after Latoya Ammons from Indiana claimed that her
three children were possessed after they were reported to have climbed up walls backwards
— and spoken in different languages. Specifically her nine-year-old son, stating,
I quote, “he flipped over and landed on his feet”. Police Captain, Charles Austin visited the
home — and, with more than 35 years of experience in the field — fully believed her story. Medical staff even reported that the children
would make growling noises while their eyes would roll to the back of their heads. They even witnessed one of the children thrown
into a wall with nobody touching them. Ammons also witness her eldest child of 12
levitate out of her bed — as well as get thrown across the room by a dark shadow. After investigations into the case — the
three children were removed from the home by authorities — and a reverend was called
upon to carry out an exorcism on the children as well as the mother — who many believed
to be fuelling the children’s behaviour. The children were later returned to the mother
six months later. 1 Clara Germana Cele
Clara was a sixteen year old girl from Natal, South Africa — who attended St. Michael’s
Mission school. She was an orphan — and in 1906 at the age
of sixteen she made a pact with the devil — which was said to be the cause of her demonic
possession. She demonstrated unnatural impulses — levitating
five feet off the ground and speaking languages she had no prior knowledge of. Her exorcism was witnessed by over 100 people
— during which time she knocked over bibles — and tried to strangle a priest with his
own stole. After two days the exorcism was deemed a success
— the possession finally coming to an end with the girl levitating and then descending. Well, there we have it! What did you guys think? Do you know of any creepy child possessions? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
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